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Vinyl-Lite’s take on 2020 Home Remodeling Trends

It’s a new year and a whole new decade.

It might surprise you to learn that home remodeling comes and goes in trends. I mean, could you imagine being the only house on the block without that trendy new breakfast nook in the kitchen? 

Just like cars, clothes and hairstyles, we see home decor and remodeling choices come and go in trends. If you’re thinking your home could use some sprucing up, or if you’re just curious about what everyone else is up to, read on. We’ve compiled a brief list of some of the remodeling trends that look like they’re set to gain major traction throughout 2020. 

AR and new design tech

One of the biggest trends of the last few years (and one that looks to show no sign of stopping) is an increase in techy updates. More than ever, people are remodeling their homes to make room for smart appliances, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. 

There’s also the general uptick in AR design and modelling tools, which allow industry professionals to give customers even better previews of what remodels will look like. This technology’s even come far enough that consumers can simply download an app onto their phones and start playing with remodels themselves. 


All good trends come back with time. It looks like it’s the pantry’s turn to reclaim the spotlight. And not just any old food closet, homebuyers are getting the most excited about houses that feature super pantries or butler pantries, and most are willing to pay premium prices to get their own. 

Stainless steel

Stainless steel continues to be the strong leader in material choices for appliances like refrigerators. But white cabinets are making a comeback as well, and be prepared to see expertly placed bursts of color here and there around each remodeled kitchen. 

Some other general kitchen trends are:

  • Farmhouse sinks

Beloved for their looks and their usefulness, more people are choosing to install these handy sinks wherever possible. 

  • Prep sinks

A sign of one of the ultimates in kitchen luxury. Prep sinks take up some room, but they can be well worth the investment if you have the space. 

  • Kitchen islands

In kitchens big enough to support them, kitchen islands are a good way to maximize counter space and give the whole room a fresh, high scale look. 

  • Breakfast bars

Separate breakfast areas in general are growing in popularity again, including breakfast bars and nooks. 

Special finishes

Resistant finishes on bathroom and kitchen appliances and materials are also becoming more popular. Antimicrobial finishes are becoming especially prominent in bathrooms. 

More tech in general

Bathrooms are moving into the future. More homeowners are choosing to upgrade their bathrooms’ technology when they remodel. Heated tubs, digital shower controls and self cleaning toilets are popping up with more frequency. 

Natural materials

The Japanese style of bathtub, especially the rounder iterations, are also proving to be popular. People are turning more to natural (or natural-looking) materials like stone, copper, and especially marble. 

Other popular bathroom design trends are:

  • Dual showerheads

Homeowners are more likely to be married or partnered, so couple-themed designs have always been popular. Larger showers with two showerheads are only going to become more sought after as the year continues. 

  • Smart plumbing technology

Devices that can alert homeowners of leaks or other plumbing problems are seeing heavier usage as the technology becomes more available and affordable. 

  • Floating cabinets

The aesthetic wave of this year seems to lean towards floating cabinets and other wall-mounted furniture. 

Renovating other rooms

Bathrooms and kitchens remain the most popular choices for home remodelling. But the living room or family room sees a lot of love, as well. Renovations to living areas tend to focus on entertainment centers. Larger televisions are now commonplace, as are wall mounts for both t.v.s and additional cabinets. 

And gone are the days of the 1970’s shag carpeting craze. Now the hardwood floors are in, favorited for their sleek designs and easy-to-clean nature. 

Home security

Not all renovations are visible. We’ve seen a surge in people adopting home security systems, as well. As the technology behind these systems gets easier to understand and cheaper to manufacture, home security systems are soaring in popularity. From cameras that let you check in on dogs or children to alarms that automatically alert the police, home security is a worthwhile renovation for many people. 

Last but not least: decorating

Home remodels in 2020 are expected to go hand in hand with matching decorations. This means pillows, rugs, and especially artwork. Statues, paintings, and water fixtures are all commonly used as the cherry on top that rounds out the look. 

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