Why choose vinyl windows?

UPVC Vinyl is the ideal window material because it:

  • Doesn't deteriorate or rot.
  • Can be shaped into almost any window design.
  • Doesn't damage or corrode when scratched.
  • Can be fusion welded to eliminate air and moisture leaks at the joints.
  • Offers excellent insulating properties

What are the advantages to custom replacement windows over pre-made windows stocked at home centers?

Because custom windows are made to fit perfectly, they provide the best energy efficiency (saving you money on utilities) and install much more easily and with very little mess. Also, because of all the options available that affect appearance and efficiency, custom windows allow the consumer to design exactly the windows they need and want.

Standard windows typically cost less in the beginning, but other expenses and factors – such as additional labor and the disruption of the home – far outweigh the original savings. For example, installing stock windows requires that you add or remove brick or siding to the exterior, and drywall or other materials to the interior. However, custom-made windows allow you to choose the best solution to the problems you want to solve by replacing windows.

Do replacement windows really pay for themselves or is that just a sales line?

It's true if you select high-quality, energy-efficient windows. Expertly engineered and well-built windows lower home energy consumption. With vinyl-framed windows, maintenance is virtually eliminated. There is no need to scrape and paint windows.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes Vinyl-Lite provides no pressure estimates for windows, doors, siding, etc. You can click on the calendar to schedule an estimate, call us at (703) 550-7766, or email us at windows@vinyl-lite.com. Evening and weekend times are available. We will work around your schedule.

Are there differences in the vinyl used by window manufacturers?

Absolutely. Vinyls are like any other man-made compound. There are numerous components in vinyl compounds and there are many vinyl manufacturers that produce numerous types and grades for window manufacturing. Lesser-quality vinyls typically have problems with brittleness, impact resistance, color consistency, as well as expansion and contraction. The best vinyls are formulated specifically for manufacturing high-quality windows. Here at Vinyl-Lite we only use Proprietary UPVC. Be sure to ask what compound of vinyl other manufacturers use.

What is the NFRC and what should I know about it?

NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Rating Council. It's a program established by the U.S. Department of Energy to help consumers compare window products and options. Window manufacturers participating in the program are required to meet specific thermal performance level. Customers are then ensured that the products they select meet the requirements for their application. Participation in the NFRC program is voluntary, however the company does have to pay to participate in the program. Not all manufacturers participate because it requires outside third party inspection and extensive product testing." At Vinyl-Lite we strongly believe we have one of the best products in the industry. In order for consumers to share that belief Vinyl-Lite IS a participant in the NFRC program. Please click on the link to see our NFRC Performance Ratings.

What makes a window or door energy efficient?

Numerous factors make a window or door energy efficient, including how the frame and sashes are engineered and built, the type of glass used (single-, double- or triple-pane), the weather-stripping, the type and number of low-emissivity coating on the glass and the percentage of argon or krypton gas.

What makes a window stronger than another window and why is window strength important?

The strength of a window is determined by the profile design and methods of assembly. The strength of the sash and frame dictate how the window will maintain its shape. A weak window can flex and reduce the effectiveness of the weather-stripping, resulting in air and water infiltration which will result in higher energy costs. A weak window design also requires near-perfect window installation to ensure an effective seal. You will have windows with long-term strength and stability if you select windows with:

  • All fusion-welded joints
  • Glass sealed to the sash frame
  • Multi chambered frame and sash
  • UPVC

At Vinyl-Lite all of the above are standard on all of our window models, so you can rest assured you are receiving a strong window.

Can windows keep out UV radiation that fades carpeting, furniture, draperies, and upholstery?

Using a low-emissivity glass in your new windows or doors will filter more than 50 percent of the damaging UV light. The absolute most effective glass for this purpose, however, is our exclusive Thermal Mirror Glass, a new technology in insulating glass which incorporates high performance Low-E with a special coated glass.

Does Vinyl-Lite charge for lead removal if my previous windows had lead?

While almost every other company will charge either a base or per window fee for the lead removal, Vinyl-Lite offers this as a free service. Vinyl-Lite believes it is the right of everyone to reside in a healthy environment and therefore DOES NOT charge for this service. Be sure to ask other companies what their charge is for lead removal, as many do not disclose the cost until the day of install.

Do you use sub-contractors?

No, here at Vinyl-Lite we do not use subcontractors. You will deal with one company from beginning to installation. All our representatives and installers are full time year round employees at Vinyl-Lite. We only use factory trained full time installers.

What should I do if I have to request a service?

If you need to place a service request, you can email us with your name, address, phone number, and details on the product and service you are requesting. You may also call (703) 550-7766 and ask for the service department. Once you submit a request, you will receive a follow up call from the service department to schedule a date and time for the service.

Will I be provided with my installation date at the time of purchase?

Your estimator can provide you with an approximate time frame for your window installation. However, an exact date cannot be determined until after your windows have been manufactured. Once your windows are nearing the end of the manufacturing process you will be contacted to establish a date and time for installation, that suits your schedule. If you have any further questions regarding installation, please address your questions (via email or phone) to the scheduling manager as the sales representatives have no control over installation dates. We kindly ask that you first make sure your estimator's projected scheduling date is near.

Are your installers trained?

Our installers are certified and factory trained. We conduct background checks and insure our installers are of the highest quality.

Will this job create a big mess?

Not at all! Because your windows are custom manufactured for your home, there is usually very little disruption to your house. As with any renovation, there will be a certain amount of debris created. It is the installer's responsibility to ensure there is no glass, metal or large pieces of material left on the job site. Tarps will be spread on floors to minimize clean up. Your installer will vacuum if necessary.

Will the work be done from the inside or the outside?

The majority of the work will be performed outside the house. However, a certain portion will occur inside. Please ensure that areas in and around every window or door to be replaced is accessible from both inside and out. Furniture, lamps, etc. should be moved away from the specific work areas. If you have any pictures or paintings on adjacent walls we also recommend removing those because vibrations in the walls can occur during installation.

Will I have a hole in my wall overnight?

No. Most installations are completed in a single day. Should the installation extend beyond one day, then only the openings that are to be included in the first day's work will be affected. The remainder of the work will be completed the following day.

What happens to my old windows?

Unless you have made prior arrangements and informed the installer, your old windows will be removed from the premises by the installers and any recyclables will be handled in a green manner.

Will my home be exceptionally cold if my windows are installed during the winter?

No. The installation team normally consists of two men equally qualified in all aspects of installation. This procedure maximizes the productivity of the installation, while minimizing the impact on the homeowner. We only take out a few windows at a time, keeping the home from getting cold. Mary Ellen Seals of Springfield had her windows installed mid-January. This is what she had to say, "In spite of the weather, everyone was super – the estimators and installers."

What should I do if I have a question during installation?

Do not hesitate to bring any questions to your installer's attention. He is a professional tradesman and will be able to provide you with the proper answers. If he is unable to answer your question to your satisfaction, he will contact the factory to find you an answer. If there are further questions or discrepancies during the installation, or after the installers leave, please call our Customer Service Manager at (703) 550-7766, not the estimator.

Will my security system be affected by the replacement windows?

Yes. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to coordinate the installation with your security company. You must contact them and arrange to have the security system deactivated and all sensors associated with the installation disconnected, prior to installation. Once the installation is completed, you must again contact your security company and arrange to have new sensors installed and the system reactivated. Vinyl-Lite assumes no responsibility of any kind for damage incurred in relation to the security system.

Must I be at home during the installation of my new windows or doors?

It is not a necessity but it is recommended. You may leave your house key with a neighbor and advise Vinyl-Lite as to the arrangements you made. We do suggest you be at home at the completion of the work so you can inspect the job and be shown how to operate and care for your new windows.

Do you price match?

Yes! We price match on all comparable products. Not only that; if you can show us a Window Factory with a better Manufacturer warranty than Vinyl-Lite's we will give you $1000 CASH!

What are the payment options?

Your estimator will review all the payment options with you when providing you with your free estimate. You can pay with credit card, cash, or cashier's check. We also have financing and monthly payment options available.

How does your warranty compare to other companies warranties?

At Vinyl-Lite we stand behind our products. All of the products we manufacture here at Vinyl-Lite come with a Double Lifetime Transferable warranty. We are so confident in our warranty that if you can show us a Window Factory with a better Manufacturer warranty than Vinyl-Lite's we will give you $1000 CASH! Click to view the warranty information.


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