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If you're shopping for a high-end, quality window take time to consider material, performance, and overall maintenance. Our casement windows are built using the UPVC window systems; the best on the market. UPVC outperforms PVC in the heat and sun by maintaining its dimensional stability and outstanding weatherability. Tests prove UPVC resists fading, chalking, and distortion. Don't forget about the unique hinge release that makes window cleaning easy.

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Standard features include:

  • Heavy-duty, multi-chambered construction for strength, stability, and insulation.
  • 1" insulated glass for maximum thermal efficiency.
  • Multi-walled internal glazing stop with a dual durometer seal.
  • Two compressible seal gaskets provide a tight seal to eliminate drafts, dust, and water.
  • Removable long-lasting strong extruded screen.
  • Integrated Lock System pulls sash firmly closed.
  • Stainless steel, commercial strength hinge meets Egress requirements.
  • High ratio crank mechanism operates easily.
  • Robotically welded construction for stronger frames and sashes.

Vinyl-Lite offers many options which can significantly increase the energy efficiency of any structure while saving you money in utility bills. Some additional features available are:

  • Argon-Krypton Gas/Thermal Mirror Glass/Warm Edge Technology
  • Clear shield keeps glass clean
  • Shatter-Safe Tempered Glass
  • Triple Pane Glass
  • Grid styles
  • Standard and custom colors

Upgrades & Options

Thermal Mirror Glass / Warm Edge Technology /
Argon - Krypton Gas

Our Exclusive Thermal Mirror Glass is the utmost in energy efficient glass, designed to provide protection against heat transference, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Regardless of the location in your home or size of your windows, they will always perform better when using our Thermal Mirror Glass.

Warm Edge is a revolutionary new vinyl composite spacer. It adds to the energy efficiency of your windows by expanding the insulation benefits of the Thermal Mirror Glass coatings and the Argon-Krypton gas. With the warm edge technology, glass is touching vinyl, not metal, which reduces heating and cooling costs.

We inject Argon/Krypton Gases, which are inert gasses whose insulation value is much higher than air, between layers of insulated glass. This further decreases heating costs, tolerates more relative humidity, and acts as an acoustic insulator.

For more information on these upgrades and options please refer to the brochures below.

Color Options

Choose one of our standard color options of white, earth tone, and bronze, or upgrade to any custom color of your choice!

Click the color tab to preview

  • White
  • Brown
  • Champagne
  • Black

We can customize colors for your windows. Call us @ 703-550-7766.

Grid Types

You can choose from Standard, Contoured/Euro, Simulated Divided Lite, True Divided Lite, Brass Pencil, Colored Pencil, and Beveled.

  • Standard Standard
  • Standard Euro Contoured
  • Standard Pencil Brass Pewter
  • Standard Beveled V Grooved Glass
  • Standard SDL
  • Standard SDL with Spacer

Grid Patterns

Grid options are only limited by your imagination.

  • Colonial Colonial
  • Colonial Colonial
  • Colonial Colonial
  • Colonial Perimeter
  • Colonial Double Perimeter
  • Colonial Prarie
  • Colonial Double Prarie
  • Colonial Diamond

Custom Patterns


Much like other great coatings such as Teflon, ClearShield is durable clear polymer, which fills microscopic hills and valleys found in ordinary glass. It requires far less cleaning, has an anti-static surface, and sheds water, dirt, and contaminants rapidly.

Shatter-Safe Tempered Glass

Shatter-Safe Tempered Glass, exclusively from Vinyl-Lite, is a wise option for any window purchase. If has four times the strength of ordinary glass. If it breaks, it crumbles into virtually harmless pellets that are easy to clean.

Triple Pane Glass

The optimum choice for energy efficiency in your home. Choose three panes for your window and watch your utility bills drop quickly.


As always we can make any custom window since we are the manufacturer!

Please click on the links below for more information.

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