Yes, You Can & Should Replace Your Windows During the Winter Months

BSD14-1121---VL-Blog-3_GardenWindow2Hmm. It seems you’ve noticed your electricity bill is rising. This is common during the winter months, but it’s been so warm in northern Virginia, you’ve only just barely turned your heat on, so something doesn’t seem quite right. You’re thinking it may be time to replace your windows. You might be right.

In addition to the rising electricity costs, have you noticed…

  • Air flow entering your home where it shouldn’t?
  • Condensation gathering between your double pane in the morning?
  • That you’re having trouble opening and closing the windows?
  • Outside noises seem louder than they used to be?
  • Troubling leaks or wet window sills after a rainstorm?

Then it’s time to replace your windows.

 “Now? In the winter? Shouldn’t I wait until spring?”

While some people advise against window replacement during the winter months, there are a few important reasons why we, northern Virginia’s window replacement experts, suggest calling us today.

Winter window replacement means easy and convenient scheduling.

Call Vinyl-Lite Window Factory and Showroom today, and we’ll replace your windows as soon as you can say, “Happy New Year!” Many people think exactly as you did, that spring is a better season for window replacement, and so we’re able, and happy to schedule your installation at any time convenient for you.

Winter window replacement means (nearly) immediate results.

 As much as we’d like to hope it would be true, the unseasonable warmth won’t last. Choose to replace your windows now, and you’re making the choice for a nearly immediate return on investment. The winter chill will set in, and when it does, your energy costs will be reduced, your thermostat will be lower and your house will be warmer.

Window replacement can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient — two things all northern Virginians can appreciate during these (usually) cold winter months.

Contact Vinyl Lite Window Factory to schedule your appointment today!

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