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Expert Tips for a Well-Lit Northern Virginia Home

Let’s face it: Fall has arrived, and with the crunch of fallen leaves comes cooler temperatures and shorter days; your family will spend more time indoors, and the glorious multitudes of natural light summer offers will fade. Now is the time to think about how, and in what ways to light your home for effect and ambiance and, well… light.

A good lighting plan can work magic on your living spaces.

Consider the following tips for a well-lit home through fall, winter, and beyond — and remember, it all starts with energy efficient windows.

Layer the light.

Listen to the experts, and you’ll soon learn that the recipe for successful lighting design is to layer four types of light in every room of the house.

  • First: Ambient, or indirect light will evenly illuminate each room to provide a base of sorts; this light can come from natural sources, from pendant lighting, or from an overhead fixture.
  • Second: Spotlight work or living areas with task lighting. Think reading lamps or under-counter lights.
  • Third: Highlight the room’s architecture with accent lights, such as track lights or adjustable recessed lights.
  • And finally: Add decorative lighting — a chandelier or a strategically placed lamp — to make large rooms feel smaller.

Add drama.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to highlight a roaring fire, a priceless piece of art, or your brand new bay windows, accent lights are perfect to add a touch of drama and call attention to the focal point of any room.

Install a dimmer switch.

Dimmer switches on your light fixtures are not only great for saving energy and extending the life of your bulbs, but they also serve to set the mood; tone down too-bright ambient lighting or create a more nuanced lighting scheme.

Make use of the daylight.

Northern Virginia may no longer be treated to twelve hours of daylight, but, and I don’t know about you, I’m thanking my lucky stars for the simple fact that we don’t live in Alaska; the daylight may fade but even on winter’s coldest day, there is daylight to be savored.

Natural light is the single best way to light your home, so maybe you’ll consider adding a new energy efficient window, installing a skylight, or investing in window coverings to highlight those new windows, and keep the cold air out — call Vinyl-Lite Window Factory; our subject matter experts will be more than happy to help.