House Preparations For The Cooler Seasons

Autumn starts differently in different poles depending on individual calendars that have been followed traditionally from one country to another. In the United States’ case, it runs on the second week of September. That means to say you only have less than a month to prepare your house for the cooler and more unpredictable seasons – fall and winter, respectively.  Are your working clothes ready? Make sure they are before you begin taking the steps listed below.

1.Test the heating system

It is important to start inside the house. Since you won’t be using air conditioners for the next following months, it’s time to start keeping them in safely in storage boxes or rooms. What you need to start focusing on is your heating system. You can do a test run to check if the system still works properly. Heaters are in need in every household especially during the last and early months of a year.

2. Prepare the chimney

Another thing that needs to be readied is the chimney. There are many kinds of heating system available. Such systems, however, differ according to the source of heat and energy used. It could be from electricity, or manually through the use of chopped logs.  The latter needs an avenue to vent out hot gases – the chimney is the solution.

The least you can do is clear out the fireplace from ashes and leftover woods. Leave the chimney cleaning to a professional, though. That part is quite complicated.

3. Install storm windows

It is expected that the fall and winter seasons are very unpredictable in terms of weather. At one moment, it’s a fine day, and in another, it is very stormy. A good idea to have natural phenomena like this counteracted is through the installation of storm windows. Doing so is a practical thing to do since it can be used not only during fall and winter, but in all seasons to condition the temperature.

4. Clean the gutters

Since we started working on the inside of your house, let’s end it by doing some stuff on the outside. The least thing you want to happen when the weather turns down all your planned outdoor activities is some trouble regarding your gutter system. As early as now, have all dried leaves removed in your house gutters to avoid clogging during the rainy days.