Eco-Friendly Ideas for Your Window Treatments


Who says you can’t go high on aesthetics and go green at the same time? Most homeowners aim to make their homes as beautiful as ever, but what they often forget is to make the world they live in beautiful as well. Can one even do this simultaneously? Is this even possible? Sure, it is. It’s only a matter of trusting your environmental instinct in all the processes you need to undergo in deciding for your window treatments.

Selection of materials

What’s the first step? Invest on shades and blinders that are energy-efficient in nature. A little research in eco-friendly window treatments will help you on this. A little chit-chat with some experts can also take you into a certain conclusion. Moreover, you need to look out for window accessories that are made of eco-friendly materials such as rattan, wicker, or bamboo. Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good. It still depends on your taste and your eye for sophisticated interior design that matters.

Proper positioning

Upon installation of your blinds and shades, make sure they fit exactly to the window frames. Create a little gap between the shades and the window panes to allow passage for air and transition of temperatures both from the outside and the inside. This is how proper window treatment is done! For those who are still planning to build their own homes, it would be wise to be futuristically perceptive about where the sun rises and sets. You can plan this ahead with your architect so you will not have to deal much with heating and lighting problems in the future. Proper positioning is key.

The art of alternating

Windows are made for a house to see the world before it. Over blocking the windows with curtains and shades may not work for everyone. Use alternatives! Use films instead that have UV protection features on your windows. You don’t have to go with the trend in other home’s window treatments. You can get the protection you need without blocking a very nice view. Later on, you’ll discover as much possibilities about this kind of art.