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Window Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions Are Answered

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Are You Concerned About Window Maintenance?

You sure are. Window maintenance is necessary to prevent spending much in the long run. Also, when you keep track on your windows condition, you can keep track your energy consumption. Household junkies are concerned about window maintenance simply because they want to have what’s best for their home and budget.


What are the frequently asked questions about window maintenance by homeowners?


Q1: How Long Do Windows Last?

Windows do not necessarily have a certain life span. However, details such as the screw, the hinges, and other parts may wear out over time. Proper window maintenance would keep window parts from breaking out.

Q2: Why Do Windows Fall?

Again, this may be due to loose hinges and screws. If not maintained, your home windows would most likely fall.

Q3: Who Would You Blame For Fallen Window?

Window contractors or builders are supposed to keep the windows intact and safe. Once damages occur, it would be better to contact your local contractor.

Q4: What Happens When Someone Gets Injured?

First of all, go treat the wounded. It would be more difficult if the window fell on a stranger. The homeowner will have to pay for the damages. Most likely, when they sue, the accused will pay a fine of $10,000 or more since this case is regarded as Infraction in the USA.


Your window maintenance should not be ignored. If your windows are not properly installed, tell your window contractor (link here) about it. Safety and comfort should always come first to ensure a happy living.

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Identifying 3 Types of Window Condensation

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We’ve all seen it. That annoying steam that gradually builds up on our window panes. And that so-called vapor pressure that persistently tries to escape the existing humidity to enjoy the dry air. Well, for most of us, we know it as window condensation.

Window condensation is a home phenomenon that happens in the midst of extremely hot and cold situations. It is characterized by the transformation of heat into its liquid state, more visually explained as the moisture we see on our window panes. But did you know that there are 3 types of window condensation?

Internal Window Condensation

During the year’s coldest season, window condensation takes place on the interior window panes. They are visually seen as little droplets of moisture pasted on the window glasses. How is this phenomenon explained?


Due to the controlled humidity operated inside our homes to adjust to the artificial heating used during winter, moisture tries to escape from the humid air to join the drier winter air outside. Partially, it is caused by modern insulation and construction that disallows internal moisture to seep through a home’s exterior. A little home insulation repair through the help of window installation and replacement contractors will fix the problem.

External Window Condensation

On the other hand, the opposite happens in the presence of extreme heat – in summer, most especially. Instead of finding the moisture on the inner window panes, window condensation poses without hesitation on the outer planes. The same logic applies from the first type of window condensation.


But what makes it less threatening from the first one is that it doesn’t trigger any more risk to your home’s interior, such as the ceiling, the bathroom, the kitchen and others. Moreover, this phase doesn’t last long. When the temperature starts to turn low, the window moisture won’t be as visible.

In-between Window Condensation

However, there’s one kind of window condensation that doesn’t follow the conventional season-based appearances of vapor pressure on the window panes. On rare occasions, the moisture appears in between the panes of an insulated window. This window condensation indicates a significant problem with the airtight seal. Window replacement is the ideal solution for this.


Regardless of the season, as long as temperature differences occur between the interior and exterior, window condensation is bound to happen. But it shouldn’t be approached as an incurable problem. Because the truth is, there are proven ways to counter it. It’s only a matter of dealing the problem professionally, which involves calling the right people – the experts of window installation and replacement, so to speak – to help you get through it.

House Windows Security: Be Safe Than Sorry

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Families go on vacations during summer. While others prefer trips that would last for days, others simply pay visit to the nearby pool to cool down. Nevertheless, they still go out of their homes and leave houses unattended. While it is pretty normal going in and out of the house during regular workdays without the paranoia, it is different in the summer season. When you go to work, you get excited to go home to relax. When you go to a trip somewhere, you enjoy so much you resist to go home. See the difference?

Well, nothing’s really wrong with that since there are days in summer that are allotted for fun and leisure. But in order to achieve that, you have got to hold on to some sense of security that will give you that confidence to leave your home – safe and protected. Before closing the doors and windows and leaving that doorstep for your summer getaway, wipe away those wrinkles first. Windows invite light, but in some unfortunate times, they also invite burglars! Leave your worries and enjoy your trip through some of these tips:

Double-hung Window

There are many security options for double-hung windows. Double-hung, which is generally one of the most popular window designs, is perfectly suitable to a lot of lock designs. Installation of a locking-pin will do great as getting ventilation locks. You may also use a turn-buckle if you want to use keys, or a simpler one – a wedge lock.

Sliding Window

Another well-liked window design, because of its convenience, is the Sliding window. Fortunately, there are also a lot of locks to choose from for this particular window design. You may use a lever-like lock instead of thumbscrew. Another option is also a key track which you can place in almost any part of the window.


A door-bolt-like device would be perfect for a casement window. On the other hand, to avoid thieves from pulling a gliding window open, putting a screw horizontally on the sliding track will hinder it from opening.

There are many security options to choose from that does not sacrifice the quality and the design of your windows. What’s good is that, if you decide earlier about your lock options, you may have them installed immediately after your window company installs or replaces your house windows. Always be safe, but never compromise style and quality. You can never go wrong with the lock options presented above.