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Howard Gardener School Students Explores The Fascinating Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer

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Numerous students from Howard Gardner School – an independent hands on learning school, participated in a manufacturer field trip on January 20, 2015 to Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer – the leading window manufacturer in Virginia.

Howard Gardener School chose to explore Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer in hopes of educating young minds about the world of window manufacturing. Since the school concentrates on hands on learning, they find it best to take field trips at the real world. Michael Bouchery, the son of Vinyl-Lite Windows’ founder, conducted the tour around the manufacturer.


Howard Gardener School is a small yet prestigious independent school located in Alexandria, Virginia. They prepare learners at a young age to determine their career path in the future. Reid Adler, Howard Gardener School’s president, along with its constituent value hands on learning. Opening budding minds will help them choose to pursue the right way of living.

On the other hand, Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer from Lorton, Virginia and a family-owned business offers window replacement services for over 35 years. Clients from all over the state continue to trust Vinyl-Lite Windows up until now. No wonder they had been awarded as Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce.


Howard Gardener School’s field trip to Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer was truly an educating experience.

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Vinyl-Lite Window Factory Says, “Dream Big!”

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Kids are now preparing to go back to school! As soon as summer ends, kids will once again occupy the classrooms and hallways of their own academes to learn about life in general.

This blog entry is dedicated to every parent out there. Encourage your children to pursue their studies and have big dreams. Teach them to visualize themselves having great futures and support them in any way you can to have them achieve their aspirations. When they fail, be sure you are there by their side to tell them this line from Brooke Shields: “If one window closes, run to the next window- or break down a door.” Tell them to laugh about their failures today because they always have the next day to try them all out again.

To the youth who are still in the phase of molding themselves to have better tomorrows, just keep moving and never give up. It is in every rejection that you learn to strive harder. It is in every challenge that you become stronger, and eventually become a fighter.

We, in Vinyl-Lite Window Factory, are close to the hearts of children and to those who are young at heart. We continue our support to organizations who advocate on helping kids. We definitely see a lot of potential in the beneficiaries of these charities.

Kids, may this school year bring joy, friendship and new knowledge to you! Always remember to dream big.

Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory Supports The Youth

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“I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

Who doesn’t know this Whitney Houston classic? Perhaps everyone can sing along. Nobody has taken count how many times this song has been played over the radio, and the number of times it has been included in some movie soundtracks internationally. This song became a hit, and up to now it has remained relevant.

So what’s the point of this song’s inclusion in this blog entry? Well, simple. We support the youth, which is what the song is all about.

In association with the Chamber Golf Association, we give assistance to local high school students to get access to education and professional training for a career in business.

It has been Vinyl-Lite’s tradition to donate golf tees for its Annual Chamber Golf Classic. All proceeds will go straight to the Chamber Scholarship Fund for educational and training assistance of less fortunate kids.

Its 15th Annual Chamber Golf Classic was held last May 20, 2013. It was a very successful event. We could only wonder how many kids we can help shape their future with the total amount of money raised.