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Know These 6 Roof Types Before Installing One

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How Do You Know What Roof Types To Use?

When choosing a roof, it is crucial to be familiar on which roof type suits your home. Roof types vary on their durability, style, frame, and size. In order to achieve the desired result, careful research and survey would be necessary. Choose wisely and you will find the right roof for your house.


So, Which Roof Type Is The Right One For Your Home?

The Asphalt Composition Shingles

Most houses own this type of roof. It is made of organic fiber mat or fiberglass, which is good for windy places. This type of roof is petroleum-based and cannot be considered as eco-friendly. It also weighs moderately. Costs range from $1500 to $9000 depending on the manufacturer.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing costs more than the previous roof type. On the other hand, this is more wind or fire resistant. Materials comprises of aluminum, copper, steel, or zinc alloy. They can be in shingles or sheets as well.

Plastic Polymer

This roof type is mainly composed of high-tech plastic polymer material. It would be wise to use this as well for it’s long durability and low maintenance.

Clay Tile

Clay tiles are fire and wind resistant as well. They have a touch of Italian and Spanish look and have the feature of wood shakes or slate. However, take note that this type of roof costs high.

Concrete Tile

The materials are originally made from Portland cement and sand. If you’re considering an Eco-friendly roof, this one’s the right choice. Heavy roof framing is needed to support the concrete tile roof type.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

From the name itself, it has a shingle and shake appearance. But because of its wooden features, this has low fire resistance and shorter life span. On the other hand, this type of roof will give your home a beautiful, natural appearance without having to break the bank.


It would be advisable to ask a trusted roofing contractor about other roof types. Just because a roof style looks good doesn’t mean it would be suitable for your home. Remember to always choose well and enjoy the comforts of your home.

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How Do You Close a Deal with a Roofing Contractor?

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Apparently, most of us demand a roofing contractor before we install or replace our household and commercial roofs. A roofing contractor’s obligation is to inspect, repair, or replace roofs on houses or commercial buildings. They are builders with fair knowledge on construction and its business processes. Failing to hire a credible contractor would lead to financial complications in the long run.

How Do You Close-a-Deal-with-a-Roofing-Contractor-?

So How Do You Really Close a Deal with a Roofing Contractor?

By Confirming their Licenses

Numerous fly-by-night contractors are lurking everywhere. These types of contractors offer cheaper rates, however, prices are not the main factors for a quality service.

By Recognizing their Reputation

It is essential to ask for references from their previous clients. Ask for their personal or company business card.

By Confirming a Written Contract

To know if the contract is legit, it is advisable to inquire after reputable consumer services firms.

By Ensuring a Roof Warranty

Warranties are appreciated in the long run. Good roofing materials plus a good warranty makes a roofing contractor a good catch.

By Establishing a Clear Schedule

Schedules are necessary. Paying straightaway without having a bona fide basis is like throwing your money around, therefore, it is crucial to set work and payment timetable fairly.

By Asking Relevant Questions

Asking questions does not hurt. If your current contractor does not yet convince you, try to ask questions. Also, it would be best to know about their experience on the job.

How Do You Close-a-Deal-with-a-Roofing-Contractor-?

Closing a deal with a roofing contractor is not an easy task. Still, we made sure to have stated the right answers to your questions. If you were delighted with this post, be sure to subscribe to our accounts and share this with your friends now.








The Best Time To Have Roof Remodeling

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There is a long list of doable home improvement projects you can execute at any given time or season in your home. Of all these projects, roof remodeling seems to be the most neglected despite the roofing’s 40% coverage of a house’s physical appearance. Yes. You heard it right. You may have overlooked the whole idea, but it is a fact. Perhaps this is because most homeowners like to get directly involved in a project. However, because of the complexity of roof remodeling, the entire work goes to the roofing contractor alone. But what most homeowners, like you, question is the timeliness of the project. When should you do it?


Problematic Shingles

It is the responsibility of homeowners to be all the time aware of their household’s present condition including the roofing. Perhaps you would say checking it every now and then is impossible because the roof is located at the top most part of the house. But with a little resourcefulness, you can do the checking through the use of binoculars. Choose a safe spot and position yourself with the binoculars to look for problematic shingles. A number of cracks and curls make your roofing system a good candidate for remodeling. Missing shingles is also another factor.

Roof Leak

Aside from looking at the whole subject from an external point of view, you can also check for defects by checking what’s underneath your roof in your attic. Your attic is actually the best location where you can look into your roofing’s functionality in terms of its capacity to protect your own home from wet weather conditions. With a reliable flashlight in hand, look for water stains in all corners of the roof. Failure to address this kind of issue may lead to you paying more for electricity bills. The later the problem is solved, the more expensive the renovation services will be.

Outdated Look & Design

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, 40% of your house’s over-all appearance is covered by the roofing alone. If you have observed some discoloration in the roofing, you can avail of the said renovation given that it goes along with your available home improvement budget. Also, the desire for an update appearance is valid enough to pursue the roof remodeling. As an advice, purchase roofing products that are impact resistant and have long years of warranty.