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The Kids’ Tour

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Parents, brace yourselves! We have something that your kids will surely enjoy. Technically, we have already started it, and we are here to announce that we are planning to make it more often than what we have practiced in the past. So what is it that we’re talking about?

Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory offers factory tours for kids.  Through our partnership with elementary schools, religious groups and other local organizations, we gather kids to experience what it’s like to be inside the premises of a windows factory. By sporting our competent locally-made products to the young participants, we also instill to their minds how skillful the locals in Virginia are. It’s about local appreciation.

Furthermore, it is informative and educational. Kids get the chance to know and see for their eyes how vinyl windows are manufactured. It’s something fresh and technical for kids. This is part of our attempt to make kids see how chemistry, physics and engineering appear to be when applied in real life. It is another form of learning outside the four corners of the classroom.

We recently conducted a kids’ tour in our factory. Definitely, it wouldn’t be the last batch. Watch out for future announcements as we keep our bond intact with the young and the young at hearts!