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Vinyl-Lite is offering a Special Summer Promotion

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Fairfax, Virginia’s Honest Window Company, Vinyl-Lite Is Offering a Special Summer Promotion: Buy 7 Windows, Receive Complimentary Installation & ClearShield

FAIRFAX, VA–(Marketwired – Jun 8, 2015) – As the go-to window factory and showroom for nearly 40 years, Vinyl-Lite is excited to offer a special summer promotion for its customers in northern Virginia. Purchase seven windows from Vinyl-Lite Window Factory, and receive installation plus window-glass protection with ClearShield — all at no cost.

Vinyl-Lite Window Factory carries an assortment of beautiful windows to complement all architectural styles from traditional to modern, the classic double-hung to specially designed floor-to-ceiling masterpieces. With feedback from many satisfied customers and strict testing standards, the honest window company ensures user-friendly products, which operate with consistent ease and minimal effort.

What is ClearShield?

Keep window glass as clean and shiny as the day it was installed — with ClearShield. ClearShield is a unique polymeric resin that protects glass like non-stick cookware. It’s an invisible protective barrier against dirt and other harmful contaminants that helps keep your glass looking like new. ClearShield-protected glass is easier to clean and stays cleaner longer, which saves northern Virginia homeowners time and money.

Vinyl-Lite installs windows, too!

With the purchase of seven windows, Vinyl-Lite is offering complimentary installation for its customers in northern Virginia. Vinyl-Lite’s installation professionals have been factory trained and certified, and are completely knowledgeable with the manufacturing process to better understand the products they install.

Trust the honest window company. Trust Vinyl-Lite.

About Vinyl Lite Window Factory
In 1936, William Bouchery first introduced the Bouchery family to the window industry. In the mid-fifties, his son, James Bouchery, took over the business and in 1978 founded a new company under its present name of Vinyl-Lite Window Factory. Today, James’ sons, Mike and Wayne run the day to day operations. For more than seventy-five years, the Bouchery family has been dedicated to the window and door industry, and has installed more than 530,000 windows in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

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3 Ways to Rekindle the Romance You Have for Your Home

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It is still February, and while the others are done showing off their mushy side to their loved ones, a few others are still halfway toward getting in the zone of that feeling that everyone is buzzing about. Romance. Besides, there are different kinds of it and you still have all the remaining days of the love month to figure them out.

When it comes to the romance you have for your own home, however, how is it? You may have been experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions about it. Sometimes you complain big time about being stuck in it for years. At other times, you become apathetic toward it as you get yourself too busy with your career. Don’t you think it’s the perfect time to rekindle that romance with your house – the one that you felt when you officially changed address for it. What do you need to do?

Say yes to invitations

As much as possible spend time with your friends’ house when specific occasions call for it. Do not refuse travel trip, house parties and house warming event invitations. Say yes to every opportunity that lets you escape for a few days or two away from your house. Experience how it feels like to live in another nest. Chances are you’ll see more of what’s out there and you’ll come home carrying bits and pieces of creative ideas that you can try on your own home. If you won’t be impressed, on the other hand, you’ll be more than thankful of what you have and where you live.

Get out of your comfort zone

Perhaps all you need is variety. Expose yourself sometimes to environments that you do not usually get yourself into. Immerse in a different culture and interact with a sea of faces. Dare yourself to get to know what’s unfamiliar. Well, it doesn’t really have to be a trip abroad. You can just simply detach yourself from the routines you have gotten used to. Dine out alone. Try yoga. Eat exotic dishes. Then, you can truly appreciate what you call home. There’s no better formula than this.

Pay attention to little details

Before something gets worse, fix it. The idea is basic but a lot of people forget about how important this is. You don’t want to surprise yourself one day knowing that your roofings have leaks, your doors have security problems and that your windows are drafted – all made known to you in a one-time announcement. Now this is the reason why you should watch how your house changes from the very beginning. Time causes these changes and it is important that you attend to your house’s needs. Once you start, there’s no stopping.

Plan out Your Home Improvement Ideas for 2014

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2014 has just started and there are already long lists of things you have written in your planner that you must accomplish this year. Hey, have you included your long overdue home improvement plans? Yes. The New Year gives you more than 300 days to finally make them into individual realities. It can either be a roofing replacement, a leaking window repair, a broken gutter reconstruction or a defective door overhaul. The thing is you have to have them listed because mostly likely, you’ll be forgetting them before the first quarter ends. Besides that, there’s many more. Read below.

To know what you are saving for

The good thing about planning ahead is that you can basically make financial adjustments as early as now. How much will you need to have all your home improvement projects started and finished? How much will you need for your other plans? By knowing what’s there to come, you are able to see things in a bigger picture which makes you all the more prepared – financially, especially – in handling multiple transactions.

To keep you motivated

Some people have this strong need for motivation that they need to keep them inspired in performing their responsibilities well in their workplaces. Your home improvement projects could just be yours! Look forward to having these home transformation schemes realized. It’s the anticipation you have that really keeps you going. Do not let go of the excitement. Enjoy it while it lasts.

To prevent having multiple projects

And then we have this. Have you ever experienced getting confused about inserting some appointments or plans in your present schedule that you haven’t really thought of well in the past? Well, that’s pretty much a possibility if you do not organize things ahead. Aside from making decisions on what you want to do, it’s also better that you include the “when” part. Seasons matter, you know. Plot them out in your calendar, and you’ll be happily meeting deadlines in the days to come. Stress-free.

Preventing Skylight Problems in Winter

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Roof inspections must be made to detect problems that may occur in areas of the house that are not very much exposed to a homeowner’s supervision. At least twice a year, such inspection must be made to allow necessary maintenance and repair. Your roofing and skylights also need proper tending. With regards to this, inspection should be made at least before winter to give time for the restoration.

Clean the area

How many times a year does your skylights get decent cleaning? Perhaps you can hardly tell because of the rarity. But cleaning is very essential as it helps you find skylight flaws better. Use a very mild substance in cleaning the sides and surfaces of a skylight as to avoid destroying the materials. Avoid using gasoline, acetone, et cetera. Homeowners are encouraged to use thin strips of clothing in wiping off some dirt.

Inspect for leaks

Leaks invite cold and water during winter. People who do not acknowledge this as a serious problem suffer in paying their monthly bills in the whole duration of the winter season. Detected leaks can be fixed by repairing the surrounding flashes of the frames. This may be done by homeowners themselves, but a help of an expert may also be considered. You may also inspect the closing and opening gears for some problems.

Check the glasses

Skylight glasses could crack at a given life span. Others may produce deformation and bulging appearances for a reason. A licensed skylight installer can only determine the cause for such physical changes. Whether he suggests for repair or replacement, the decision is up to you.

What Vinyl Siding Color Should You Pick?

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Homeowners benefit from vinyl siding not only for its exterior decoration purposes, but for weatherproofing as well. Having such installations greatly made changes in the way home electricity bills accelerate. But aside from the positive impact it projects to a family’s utility bills, its exterior benefits equally matter. The totality of your house is mostly composed of blank walls, and without vinyl siding, they remain bland and plain. Basically, vinyl siding gives your house the dimension it needs. Nonetheless, it makes your house’s curb appeal even better.

Vinyl-Lite Vinyl Siding

Many people think of vinyl siding very trivially, thinking that it isn’t essential. The truth, however, is that it is an important aspect in your home because it covers majority of the place you call shelter. Mostly, how people look at your home is dependable on the curb appeal. Your house’s vinyl siding definitely has a big role to play. “Any color would do,” you might say. No! That shouldn’t be the case. Color selection isn’t just a small detail you can ignore if you want to. It plays a huge part in the beautification of your home’s curb appeal. But with the presence of many available options for color and shade, you are more likely prone to getting confused. That’s what this article is here for. Now, what vinyl siding color should you pick?


Harmonize the colors. You can’t just pick the shade of your favorite color for your vinyl siding. Lucky you if your favorite shade can match the other present features in your house. The key here is harmony. Look at the project in a wider perspective to achieve that desired coordination. Will the color look good with the shade of the roofing? Will it match the style and design of your house? Can it adapt to the neighborhood you are in? Think about it.


Colors have the power to make illusions. Let’s say you already have a color in mind for your vinyl siding after doing the precedent suggestion. The question that you should face next is about the shade. Will you get a lighter shade or a darker one? Why this small detail matters is because of its capacity to create wondrous illusions. A brighter tone can make your house look bigger, while a darker one can make it look the opposite. So, it all depends on your goal.

Moreover – for homeowners whose houses have two or more storeys – it is advisable that the vinyl siding on the ground floor should be one or two tones darker than the vinyl siding on the next floor above it.


Picking a color that can only suit one season is impractical. You don’t really want to change your house’s vinyl siding every three months, do you? Select a color that can withstand seasonal changes. Consider your vinyl siding your exterior canvass in home decorating. Certainly, you have other plans for your lawn or patio aside from siding installation. A color that can adapt to future changes would be a great pick.

Increase The Resale Value Of Your Old House

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Getting a new house and selling an old one are not easy tasks to do. They cause too much hassle especially for busy working people like you. Aside from the fact that doing the word-of-mouth marketing (and even online) takes time, it is not the only thing that matters. It will always come to a point when a potential buyer personally visits the house you are selling for a thorough inspection and checks whether the price you offer matches the present housing condition.

Naturally, cracked window panes and rotten parts of the entrance door would depreciate the value of your home. Broken shingles and discolored house sidings would give your potential client an excuse to negotiate for a much lesser price than your original offer. As somebody who convinces potential buyers to say yes to a deal, your goal is to give them a reasonable price, and for you to get the much needed approval within the shortest period of time possible.

Before you get yourself in trouble explaining to would-be clients about the discrepancy of the physical aspects of your house in contrast to the price you offer, read first the list provided below as your guideline for preparation.


How secure are the doors? Are the knobs and hinges still in good working condition? Are the materials in good quality? Doors play a big role in a home as they serve as a core for security. Not only do they represent a family members’ privacy, but hospitality as well for friends and guests.


Are you noticing some cracked window panes? Are broken sills everywhere? If you aim on getting a good sum of cash from selling your old house, you have to do something with its window fixtures. Especially that windows occupy almost all parts of the house, it is important not to neglect the little details you often miss to notice.


House soundings, like the windows, contribute financially to a household by helping keep electricity bills cool down. However, most sidings (especially those that are made of materials that easily rot) are also easily affected by the ever-changing weather conditions. Aside from its aesthetic involvement in the over-all look of your old house, make sure it still serves it purpose.

Roofings & Skylites

A house doesn’t fully function without a decent top. One basically protects you from the heat and rain, while the other provides you with light in a very practical manner. These parts of the house are mostly unnoticed because of their placements, but a meticulous potential buyer still sees the need to check them out.

Make sure to have all these things checked for approval in your checklist. A little repair does no harm.  Besides, the little fixing you do, will gain you more benefit in the financial area in the long run. Take them as investments.