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Spring Window Replacement Screen SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions)

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Various factors are to be considered when choosing a replacement window screen. Are you concerned about using screens for style? Do insects bother your home? Setting standards for replacement window screen would lead to a satisfactory result.


Not all spring window replacements are similar. Before installing screens, it would be best to ask important questions.

Q#1: Are the insect screens operable?

Things to pay attention to are the cleaning and the function. Make sure your screens are easy to operate and easy to clean. You do not want to have a bad day because of your inoperable window screens.


Q#2: Do the window screens give an unpleasant view?

Sure, you do have a beautiful window, but what if your screens take out the beauty in it? Complement your screens with the style of your window and your home.


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Q#3: How small or big is the mesh?

If the screen mesh is too big, chances are small insects can enter your home. Ask your local contractor about the mesh size.


Q#4: Are the screens strong enough?

It is important that your screen windows be sturdy over time. Cost may be the first thing that comes to mind, but your pocket will thank you in the long run.


The best thing to consider before having window replacement this spring is to contact the right manufacturer. Find screens that would complement your dream spring home.

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Spring Window Replacement: How To Choose The Perfect Window

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Finding a good window replacement is easy – finding the perfect one isn’t. Picture window? Casement? Skylight? Whatever you choose, you must consider some factors beforehand to make sure your windows suit your lifestyle.


Read This Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Window.

#1: Form

How do you want your window replacement to look like this spring? Do you need something more enclosed or something wide open? Your windows should match the design of the house. Also, consider the size and know if it fits.


#2: Function

Another thing to pay attention to is the function of the window. Do you need an operable window to let the cool air in? Do you need windows to allow more sunlight to penetrate inside the home? For example, if your concern is your home’s security and still let light into your house, glass block windows are a great option.

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#3: Focus

Aside from being functional and fit, replacement windows can be the center of attraction to your home. If your home is located in an architecturally beautiful landmark, then go for a vast window. Plus you can save more money for decorating by just utilizing your window as the main attraction to your home.


In choosing the perfect window, consult with the perfect people. Know your objectives and everything you want to happen will follow.

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How to Have a Fun Home-Based Spring Break

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Spring breaks need not be spent with booze on beaches. As you may remember, those days were already a few years past you. You’re not the same adolescent whose main goal in life is to experience what it’s like to have fun on spring time.

The days are changing. Your maturity as a homeowner demands some other stuff from you. Staying at home can’t be all that boring. That’s if you know how to put the fun in it! Learn from these tips.

Get started from your garden’s fresh produce

Technically, you can’t enjoy the benefits of harvesting fresh produce from your garden instantaneously! This requires hardwork and a few seasons to prepare.

Here’s what you need to do. Put all you know about gardening and landscaping together. Not only will you taste fresh fruits and vegetables in the long run, but you’ll see the beauty in finding a new hobby as well. Spring time is about beginnings, they say. Begin a new chapter in your life by having a new interest!

If you feel like right now is too late, you can have it next spring time.

Host a movie night with neighbors and old friends

Commercial outdoor movies are a bit overrated. Instead of going to one, host your own instead with old friends or neighbors of the same age range in your backyard. With a projector and a few mats and popcorns, it’ll be a sure hit. It’s the perfect time to play an ultimate throwback movie that all of you can relate from, in reminiscence of your glorious years of adolescence.

Spring time is movie time too.

Hang out on the porch with coffee or tea

You can’t just keep yourself locked inside your house’s walls and windows in spring time. Spring is a beautiful season to behold and appreciate. So take time appreciating nature by sitting in your porch just a few hours before sunset.

Take a sip from your favorite coffee or tea and look at your surroundings. Those green leaves and blooming flowers do not last long enough.

We’re pretty much sure you’re afraid of the pollens, once or twice isn’t bad enough. The porch is all yours.

Set up a garage sale

There are some things you need to let go. Your old books, baseball caps, old furniture, toys – name it.

Invite the people in your community to buy your old stuff in big discounts. Gather the kids in your neighborhood and let them explore their first “shopping” experience. It’ll surely be a fun experience, not only for you, but for everyone who’s staying in-house in spring.

There’s no need to fret over losing some things you value. Endings are beginnings in disguise. You’ll eventually get something new out of the whole experience. Happy spring break!


To-do List to Celebrate the National Home Improvement Month

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Spring, as you may know, is not the only highlight in the month of May. Aside from the celebration of flowers, there is also what we call a celebration of houses and homes. Having been tagged as the National Home Improvement Month, you get your go signal to express that long been deprived affection for your home this May. Don’t know how to get started? We’ve got some guidelines for you.

A bird’s eye view will let you see the roofing better

You see the same parts of your house every day. But with the use of a sturdy ladder, you can pay close attention to the most underrated covering of your humble abode – the roof. Take some time to share the bird’s vision and notice the parts that need care, repair and home improvement. Be ahead of the consequences and do the needed fixing that will spare you from spending much in the future.

Use the human’s eye view to see the walls and sidings

After putting back the ladder into your garage, you may now focus your attention to the lose paints of your sidings. As long as nothing severe is noticed, replacement isn’t necessary. But in order for you to pay less whenever you hire the services of a painter, you may immediately remove the lose paints through the use of a pressure washer. Or better yet, if you have the leisure time, you can do the siding repainting yourself. Enjoy the process of home improvement!

Look up to inspect the unassuming gutters

Raise your head a little. Notice those gutters that have been very well been utilized during autumn and winter. While the gutters hibernate for a while, prepare them for the colder seasons by doing necessary repairs. The sun shines at its brightest in spring and summer, which means you have enough time to fix leaky gutter joints and patch gutter holes. Gutters aren’t supposed to be missed out when it comes to having a total home improvement makeover.

Check what’s happening a few feet under

And hey, don’t forget the basement! When was the last time you really stayed in there to have your moment? Just because it is hidden from visitors, doesn’t mean it deserves to be abandoned. Most problems root from external water coming in, causing drafts and moisture in your basement. Have this fixed before it causes bigger problems in your home and in your family’s health.

Do not be fooled when people tell you May is a National Home Improvement Month and that you must undertake on a specific home improvement project. It surely is, but it does not demand anything grand from you. The little details matter too. The said title only serves as a reminder. Enjoy the whole month of May!

4 Convenient Ways to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

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Your body reactions definitely have something to do with the changing seasons. You have eventually moved on from cold and flu and now about to welcome allergies. Seasons are inevitable, you know that of course. But seasonal allergies can be prevented given the application of proactive precautionary measures.

Disinfect your home

“What does this have to do with the season?” That’s an assumable first reaction from someone who’s really interested to know about avoidance strategies to seasonal allergies. But reality is that, you can’t solely blame the season. Without you knowing it, some of the allergens that cause your non-stop sneezing are from dusty old carpets, sofas and pillows that you always forget to clean.

Try losing a little weight

Study says that heavy weight causes one to have difficulty in breathing. Breathing difficulties and allergies are a deadly combination though. Eat healthy and do your needed cardio workouts. Fats limit the expansion of your lungs. More than ever, you’ll need more oxygen when your seasonal allergies attack. Losing weight is a very healthy solution to this.

Combine medications and alternative remedies

Following your doctor’s prescription is the basic rule in overcoming or avoiding seasonal allergies. But doing so alongside the use of alternative remedies would only be a much better plan. Reinforce your regular treatments with organic meals and juices that likewise fight against allergens.

Invest on window shutters and storm doors

As much as you want to open your doors and windows for spring, you have to restrain that urge to see the outdoors because of allergens that are starting to ruin your spring experience. But with the installation of window shutters and storm doors in your house’s openings, you still get a good view on what’s lying there outside without inviting much of the seasonal allergy causing elements to enter your home.

4 Ways to Get Ready for a Spring Landscaping Project

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There’s no one to blame about the heightened excitement many homeowners have on beautifying their gardens. After being surrounded with white in the whole duration of winter, there’s that communal longing for color in spring. If you cannot wait for spring to officially begin, you may start doing the preliminary landscaping and gardening procedures by following these steps.


Your gardening equipment must have exhausted themselves in darkness in your garage and stock room in winter. Bring out the cultivators, hoes, rakes, shovels and everything you have hidden in your storage room. It’s now time to take them out for inspection and see if they can still be useful for your upcoming landscaping and gardening projects. It’s better to know in advance which ones need replacement so that you can purchase new ones in hardware stores near you.


By clearing away dried leaves, twigs and debris caused by the winter atmosphere, you also prepare enough and appropriate space for new flower and vegetable seedlings that are so eager to grow. Make use of a garden rake and cultivator to make the action faster and more convenient for the plants you want to grow. Through this, you’d also be able to condition the soil in the plant beds to more absorbent of water and fertilizer in the actual landscaping process.


Another way to clean up molds, grimes, mud and old paint that may have developed during the cold season on wooden and concrete areas in your yard is by using a reliable pressure washer. This process is most convenient for major overhaul projects in gardens like repainting, rearranging and replacement of landscaping design concepts and themes. It’s a sure-fire method to get rid of some unwanted entities that make your yard or garden visually imperfect. And then, you can start over!


By the time spring officially hits the marked date on your calendar! You can start planting immediately. Expect it to be a phase with less hassle. You will be reaping the fruit of your practical labor in the form of advanced preparation for a much anticipated landscaping project.


Winter Aftermath: 3 Basic Home Spring Preparations

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Have you noticed the sun extending its stay longer above the horizon these past few days? Well, it only means one thing – spring is coming.

While spring hasn’t officially started yet, take this time as a preparatory privilege to prepare and plan for what needs to be done by the time spring arrives. Everyone needs to experience that transition in order for one to fully cross over from one season to another. Doing necessary constructions and arrangement for your home is just the best option!


It has got to be in winter when waste and garbage collection is at its hardest. Aside from very cold temperature, there’s also the snow and the freezing that make the process much harder for collectors. Now that we are experiencing the gradual melting of ice, we also get the go signal to slowly pick up the pieces we have horded in our homes for the past months. It’s safe to begin sorting out which ones you want to get rid of and which ones you want to keep.


After you get rid of your unnecessary baggage, you can begin cleaning up the entire house. Remove the dust. Wash away the slime. Wipe out the drafts. Sweep off the dirt. Do not miss a single spot – from roofings to gutters, from windows to doors. The spring air is just waiting in the corner to blow you away with extreme changes. It’s always nice to be ready whatever that spring surprise is. So, go for the major home clean-up and be open to transformations!


Why not? You’ve been living in the dark for a couple of months. Wouldn’t be ironic if you continue living in it, completely unmindful about the fun that the spring season brings? It’s clearly up to you. But if you opt on embracing the colors of spring, interior redecoration and rearrangement would be very much the perfect thing to do! If in the end you are able to successfully set up a vibrant mood for your home, you have done well.