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Entrance Door Replacement | Northern VA

A Buyer’s Guide for Entrance Door Replacement in Northern Virginia

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Whether by choice or by necessity, you’ve made the decision to replace the entrance door on your home. The options are many, and you’re just not at all sure where to start, so you’ve asked:

“How do I know which entry door is right for me?”

The process to select a replacement entry door in northern Virginia can be complicated and, sometimes, confusing, but as the Honest Window (& Door) Company, we created this buyer’s guide designed to make it all a little easier.

Consider entry door style.

Exterior doors are available on the market in a wide variety of designs and styles to match any home, and any taste. The discerning homeowner might choose a basic entry door made of steel, or a tough, compression-molded fiberglass door designed to mimic hand-carved wood.

Consider entry door construction material.

The replacement entrance doors manufactured and sold by Vinyl Lite are constructed of fiberglass or steel, and/or with a polyurethane foam core, each of which has its own benefits and advantages:

  • A fiberglass entry door offers the look and feel of genuine wood without all the maintenance. In fact, fiberglass doors are designed to weather the demands of any climate.
  • For the most economical option, choose a steel door. These entry doors offer strength and durability at a low price point. Steel doors from Vinyl-Lite Window Factory are treated to be entirely rust-resistant.
  • Entrance doors that feature a polyurethane foam core offer additional sound-resistance and superior insulation value that worked to reduce heating and cooling energy needs.

Consider entry door features.

When choosing a replacement entry door in northern Virginia, there are a number of features to consider:

  • Security: Rest assured, all of the doors sold and installed by Vinyl-Lite Window Factory meet superior safety standards, no matter the building material. Our entrance doors feature stainless steel tongue construction and 3-point locking structure for greater security and stability.
  • Glass: Vinyl-Lite is the Honest Window Company; we know glass. If you want full-view glass panels, ¾-view glass panels, half-, or even just ¼-glass panels, there’s an entry door on the market, ready to adorn and service your home.
  • Swing: Choose an inswing (I/S) entry door, or an outswing (O/S) entry door, depending on your preferences or the construction of your home.
  • Hinges: Left-side hinges or right-side hinges generally depend on the swing of the door, where outswing doors feature hinges on the left and inswing doors feature hinges on the right.

Choosing a replacement entrance door in northern Virginia doesn’t have to be confusing or stressful. Call the experts at Vinyl-Lite Window Factory.

We’re standing by to answer your entrance door replacement questions.

Give us a call, at (703) 879-1426.

Northern VA’s Honest Window Factory Does Doors

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If you thought windows were important… Doors are absolutely key.

It’s clear that the first consideration when choosing a replacement door for your northern Virginia home is function. A door needs to close. It needs to lock. It needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements, but not so heavy that it’s difficult to operate. All that? That’s the easy part.

Immediately after function in the new door decision-making process is the concern for aesthetics. Boring doors make boring houses, I say. An entryway designed with an entrance door that reflects your sense of style and enhances the overall harmony of your décor invites guests into your home with a flourish.

That’s what sets the Vinyl-Lite door systems apart.

From contemporary to classic, and classic to colonial, Vinyl-Lite Window Factory has the entryway solution guaranteed to make your house feel a little more like home.

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia's Honest Window Factory

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

In the market for a new door in northern Virginia?

The quality of our work speaks for itself. With nearly 40 years of experience serving customers in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, Vinyl-Lite Window Factory is the best name in stylish, affordable entrance doors.

Call The Honest Window Company.

Call Vinyl-Lite today, at (703) 879-1426.

The New Classic: A Glimpse To Fiber Classic Entry Doors

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In this time of age, classics are seldom given attention due to the rapid pace of technology. The same goes for entry doors of the 21st century households. What if the classic collides with modernization without having to compromise much?

Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at the Fiber Classic Entry Door. Fiber classic entry doors are made of a tough, compression-molded fiberglass in oak or any other tough wood. It’s different from the classical-crafted doors in one way or another.

What Differs Fiber Classic Entry Doors from the Classical-Crafted Ones?

The Style

Classic-crafted doors are enclosed entirely while fiber classic doors somewhat involve glass features. It’s mainly the style that distinguishes the one from the other. Fiber classic entry doors more likely look modernized.

The Insulation

Classic-crafted doors (depends on the contractor) may require more energy while fiber classic entry doors can undeniably balance the air inside the home. Most households have to insulate their homes before ventilating. With fiber classic doors, electrical consumption may lessen. Ask your local HVAC contractor about how fiber classic entry doors can conserve energy.

The Flexibility

Classic-crafted doors appear just as they are unless the entire door is replaced. On the other hand, fiber classic entry doors’ glass is interchangeable. Change the style or change it to a Smooth Star – it’s your choice.


You’ve just had a peek on fiber classic entry doors. Next time you decide to replace your entry door, inform a trusted contractor immediately. And if you find this article useful, spread the word now.

We never want to mislead you. We are an honest window company at Vinyl-Lite Windows.



5 Things You’re Missing Out for Not Having Storm Doors

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There’s something about home improvement that initially makes a person think of window installations, door replacements, roofing and siding services and skylight furnishings among many. For most homeowners, this is how transformation at home truly begins. However, there is one thing about transforming a home into its greater version that is often underrated and ignored. What is it? A storm door.

Although it is technically classified under the door category, a storm door still lags behind the main grouping. It has always lived in the shadows of a house’s main entryway anyway. No wonder. But it’s time you know how a storm door actually works for your humble abode. You’ll be surprised.


On top of everything, a storm door allows additional barrier for your home against unwanted visitors and burglars. With its locking mechanism, you are given ample time to screen your guests before letting them inside. This would even be of much purpose in the absence of a peep hole on the main door.

Energy Efficiency

A storm door is believed to be of its finest state during cold seasons like fall and winter. Contrary to that misconception, however, a storm door is able to withstand any season and function in high quality all the same. The promise of energy-efficiency lasts all year round. Closed storm doors actually disallow exterior air to mix with interior air. Not only that! Its light-saving feature that lets in natural light to enter your house without actually opening the main door allows you to save more than you can imagine.


What most people should bear in mind is that storm doors have a variety of designs. They come in many shapes and colors that you need not worry about making your house lose a little of its freedom (as it is in itself an additional covering) or making it a little less fun. Your aesthetic preference matters.


It’s not right to believe that storm doors only entertain specific homeowner demographics. Yes, storm door installation may be a little costly but the cost you spend is almost like a proactive move to delay the damages (caused by time and environmental constraints) in your home. Moreover, storm doors can fit to any entryway no matter what the frames are made of. A storm door is always a perfect fit for the lovely entrance of your house.


As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, a storm door can delay the damages of your home, specifically the parts that it covers. It would include the main door, the frame, the floor near the opening and others as it protects those areas from harsh weathers. That’s the very reason why a storm door is considered a smart investment for home improvement.

There are still so many things to learn about home improvement aside from storm doors. You just have to keep your mind open all the time. Changes (including change of ideas) are not necessarily threats; they are opportunities to be used and taken advantage of.

Different Door Types To Suit Your Home

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Why do you think there are different types of doors? Aesthetics wouldn’t be enough reason for the variations. What’s more acceptable, however, is the functionality of each type to compliment to the needs of door positioning. Why do you think doors are distributed in all parts of the house? The answer is that they serve special purposes that only one or two types can accommodate. As a homeowner, it is your job to match a door’s function to the needs of the area where it will be installed.

Entrance Doors

An entrance door is an opening from the exterior that leads to the interior of the house. It is mostly installed to serve as the main entrance and exit of a particular home. More often than not, homeowners invest high-quality security for the entrance since it is the most used, thus, the one that easily wears out.

Aside from the security system, homeowners also invest in doubling its protection through the installation of a storm door. A storm door mainly serves as an exterior shield of the entrance door from direct exposure to heat and humidity. In a way or another, it becomes the defense of the main door from unpredictable weather changes. Also, its ventilation purposes allow energy conservation.

French/Garden Doors

A patio sounds like a social place where families usually gather and friends often reunite. It may appear detached from the main attraction, but it still is part of a house’s totality. As they say, a patio is a house extension many people love to spend their time at. And so to lessen the intensity of the detachment, French/garden doors are used as transparent divisions from the main house to the extension. Besides, artsy patio designs are for the eyes to feast on. The crystal clear glasses of French/garden doors will make things easier for us.

Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding door is the most versatile of all types of doors because its functions are not that limited compared to the others. It is often used in the interior, but it can be used as an exterior passageway for entrance and exit as well – it can be used as an alternative to French/garden doors, for example. It may also be used at home or in commercial establishments, and even in the workplace. See? The long list just goes on and on and on.

To say the least, door types have roles to observe. However, the above-mentioned considerations shouldn’t be followed very strictly. They are only there to serve as guides. To remind you, creativity has no limits. If your artistic instinct can justify the unconventional use of one door type, you are still on the right track. It is only a matter of thinking out-of-the box.

Common Problems You Encounter With Your Entry Door

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Of all the doors you have in your house, it is not anymore surprising to see that the one that’s easily worn and torn out is the entry door. You could practically do a rigorous comparison between your entry door and the rest of the doors in your house. Not a day goes by that you notice it gradually changing for the worst, and yet you only realize its present state one summer morning while you are doing a general house cleaning with your family.

The reason behind all these is that the entry door is the mostly used entrance and exit of your house. No one can really name a digit on how many times it is opened and closed each day. Needless to say, the variety of how it is banged by the people who use it also becomes a factor.

At this point, it is safe to say it is advisable that you pay attention to the hinges of your entry door. The daily use of your entry door also takes a toll on the functionality of the movable parts that allow the opening and closing. Have it cleaned every now and then to avoid stickiness and to minimize unnecessary noise it can possibly produce. Spraying some furniture lubricant to the hinges could also ease the whole thing.

Other than that, weather conditions also cause some changes to your door. Considering that the entry door is the one mostly exposed to sunlight, your entry door is prone to color change, specifically the chipping and fading of paints. You can counteract this by doing a DIY door repainting. Also, regular cleaning of doors would help slow down the deterioration of the material it is made from

Water coming from any form of precipitation might attempt to enter your door once liquid finds a leak to get access inside. Door leaks also allow air inside the house to go out. You can imagine what a waste of electrical energy it is, right? To say the least, door leaks are signs of a door’s decline resulting from old age. If worse comes to worst, you have to decide for door replacement.

As a homeowner, it is critical for you to notice what’s still working and what’s not. Once you identify them, you can then take action with the necessary repairs. It applies to everything, most especially to your, often underrated, entry door.