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Ways To Maximize Our Home Space With Bay Windows

- by to Bay Windows.

Cozy, stunning and efficient. Sure, who would not want all these quirks be present at once? These are the things that turn our jaws drop and lead us to the idea of us wishing to be as creative as the one who did the project. The good news is: we are on the same page, and we share the same concern on how to maximize our small home spaces.

While bay windows are usually perceived as something that transforms any room by letting in more light and portray the illusion that you’ve added much more space, most of us see it as an abominable hallmark that eats up floor space. But the thing is, it requires us some extra effort to turn it into an astonishing home feature.


Let me share with you some tips:

You may wish you save yourself from paying high monthly energy dues by placing your bay windows at the right space and place. Think of the best spots where you can capture the sun’s natural light throughout the whole day. By doing this, you may save inasmuch as 20% – 50% of your monthly energy consumption, depending on how many energy efficient replacement windows you have at home.

Think of a personal space you’d like to spend your daily “me time”.

*If most of the time, you see yourself doing your thing in the kitchen, frame the bay windows up to emphasize its depth and create a bolder design statement by installing below it your own kitchen sink.

*Should you be the person who loves to spend most of your time reading, thinking and writing, you may create your own reading space by integrating the ledge of your bay windows into a custom-made shelf design, a spontaneous display nook can be set up over it. To fully take advantage of the recessed area, infuse a sliding shelf above the bay.

*Are you into family bonding and some unforgettable dining moments? Try extending your dining area at the heart of your bay windows. This will not merely maximize space, but will also invite fun experiences.

*There would be no greater reward than a comfortable and tight sleep. Be it a 15-minute power nap or an 8-hour sleep, being comfortable is the bottom line. Create your most favorite “me time” space by merging the headboard into the bay.

Instead of cloaking the bay windows into the wall, it can be rejuvenating to make it your room’s focal point by playing with vibrant colors, shapes and indigenous materials. Dry out your room with curtains. Tailor it with fun and creativity.

Have fun and indulge your personality. This is the heart of the entire process. You don’t want falling into the feeling of “what if’s”. Don’t hesitate to think and do the things that are out of the box for your bay windows. Present a twist of your own ever dreamt paradigm. Your passionate stigma will surely make a difference.

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