Why are birds flying into my windows?

The only downside to beautiful, clean Vinyl-Lite Window Factory energy efficient windows is an increase in bird accidents. Winged creatures take one glance at your pristine custom-fit windows and assume the reflection is a clear flight path of trees or sky. It can be hard to enjoy such visual perfection when you’ve got the constant thud of our feathered friends assuming your second floor bathroom is an empty sky highway.

Protect your windows and our birds by making your Vinyl-Lite Window Factory energy efficient windows visible to birds while they are flying.

Small changes can make a big difference!

Use a window screen. Not only will it help break up the reflection, but birds will bounce off instead of smashing into the glass, much like jumping on a trampoline. The humane society recommends CollidEscape film. The film is applied to the exterior side of your energy efficient windows, creating a transparent view for guests inside the house, and an opaque view for our birdy friends.

External shutters or sunshades are a great option that can add a pleasing aesthetic to your home while keeping the sun out, limiting the reflective glare, and protecting your windows.

Move — or get! — bird feeders and baths. Keeping baths and feeders within three feet of your home means any collision won’t be fatal, but also discourages them from flying into your windows when they’ve got a detour in front of them. Baths and feeders that are 30 feet away help birds recognize windows are part of the house, rather than paying strict attention to the reflection.

Closed curtains and blinds will also eliminate the reflection. Keep them closed when they aren’t in use for maximum effect, while still enjoying the daylight or night sky when you are in the room.

But what should I do if a bird flies into my window?

Don’t panic. The humane society recommends gently covering the bird with a towel and placing her in a securely closed cardboard box — with air holes! Keep the box in a quiet, dark place to allow her to recover from her fall. Birds are often stunned following a hit, and need time to recover. Check on her every thirty minutes, but don’t touch.

Once she starts moving and looks recovered, take the box outside, open it, and step away. Let the bird fly away on her own. If she doesn’t, take her back inside and repeat the process. If she doesn’t recover within a few hours, but is still breathing, contact your local wildlife rehabilitator.

And if the poor bird broke, or cracked your window…

Call Vinyl-Lite Window Factory to order replacement energy efficient windows today.