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Energy Efficient Windows, Window Treatments & El Nino: Here’s What You Missed at Vinyl Lite Window Factory in 2015

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January is drawing to a close, and 2016 is off to a great start. As excited as we are about the year ahead, and the exciting, fun, informative things we’ll get to share with our audience and customers, bear with us for a moment as we reminisce on the one we left behind.

At Vinyl Lite Window Factory, we take great pride not just in the exceptionally energy efficient windows we install for homeowners throughout northern Virginia, but also for the education and the entertainment we can provide right here in our little corner of the Web.

We’ve got a slate of great content planned for 2016, but in the meantime:

Consider what you might have missed on Vinyl Lite Window Factory’s blog in 2015.

The year kicked off with a bang, with quick tips about achieving energy efficient windows in the winter… in style.

It’s cold outside. Your windows’ most important job in the winter time is to keep the warm air in and the cold air out, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. And you don’t have to.

In March, Vinyl Lite Window Factory provided a little helpful advice, and a bit of professional advice about the questions northern Virginians should be asking when purchasing replacement window screens.

Various factors are to be considered when choosing a replacement window screen. Are you concerned about using screens for style? Do insects bother your home? Setting, and holding tight to standards for your replacement window screens lead to satisfactory results.

In April, readers were offered a few tips for beautifying window treatments.

Oftentimes, you are caught up with boundless options there are for window treatments, yet your primary goal is to make things beautiful. Have you figured out ways to change the mood of your home through window treatments? Do you know that drapes can simply be the answer to your dilemma?

In May, Vinyl Lite Window Factory was excited to begin offering Thermal Sunscreen.

The honest window company is committed to keeping its customers, and their northern Virginia homes all summer long. You’ve got your energy efficient windows, but when the mercury spikes near the triple digits, your view on the world may need a little added protection from the sun. And we’ve got just the thing: Thermal SunScreen®.

August featured a quick & dirty guide to help northern Virginians choose the right replacement entry door.

When choosing a replacement entry door — whether by choice or necessity — there are several factors that go into making this decision: style, construction, and features just to name a few. The most important thing to know, however, is where to go to find the perfect entry door for your needs. And that’s Vinyl Lite Window Factory.

In October, northern Virginia’s window replacement experts taught readers a little more about El Niño, and the effects it might have on the weather this season.

Snow. It meant lots and lots of snow, all at once.

In December, we learned it’s a great idea to replace your windows in the winter.

Winter is not a time most northern Virginians think, “Time to replace my windows!” But this recent post from Vinyl Lite Window Factory illustrated a few unique advantages of doing just that. Winter window replacement means convenient and easy scheduling, not to mention an immediate return on investment — we’re talking increased warmth and a decreased heating bill!

SOLD. Are you ready to talk to Vinyl Lite Window Factory about energy efficient window installation and replacement in northern Virginia?

Yes, You Can & Should Replace Your Windows During the Winter Months

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BSD14-1121---VL-Blog-3_GardenWindow2Hmm. It seems you’ve noticed your electricity bill is rising. This is common during the winter months, but it’s been so warm in northern Virginia, you’ve only just barely turned your heat on, so something doesn’t seem quite right. You’re thinking it may be time to replace your windows. You might be right.

In addition to the rising electricity costs, have you noticed…

  • Air flow entering your home where it shouldn’t?
  • Condensation gathering between your double pane in the morning?
  • That you’re having trouble opening and closing the windows?
  • Outside noises seem louder than they used to be?
  • Troubling leaks or wet window sills after a rainstorm?

Then it’s time to replace your windows.

 “Now? In the winter? Shouldn’t I wait until spring?”

While some people advise against window replacement during the winter months, there are a few important reasons why we, northern Virginia’s window replacement experts, suggest calling us today.

Winter window replacement means easy and convenient scheduling.

Call Vinyl-Lite Window Factory and Showroom today, and we’ll replace your windows as soon as you can say, “Happy New Year!” Many people think exactly as you did, that spring is a better season for window replacement, and so we’re able, and happy to schedule your installation at any time convenient for you.

Winter window replacement means (nearly) immediate results.

 As much as we’d like to hope it would be true, the unseasonable warmth won’t last. Choose to replace your windows now, and you’re making the choice for a nearly immediate return on investment. The winter chill will set in, and when it does, your energy costs will be reduced, your thermostat will be lower and your house will be warmer.

Window replacement can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient — two things all northern Virginians can appreciate during these (usually) cold winter months.

Contact Vinyl Lite Window Factory to schedule your appointment today!

Thermal Mirror Glass | Energy Efficient Window Installation | Window Insulation | Northern VA Window Factory

Northern Virginia Window Factory Offers Thermal Mirror Glass With Special Incentive Argon Krypton Gas Insulation Treatment

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Fairfax, Virginia — January 11, 2016

As northern Virginia’s name to know for the purchase and installation of energy efficient windows, Vinyl Lite Window Factory is excited to offer its customers a revolutionary new window insulation technology — with special incentive for those who act quickly. Northern Virginians who choose to upgrade their windows to Thermal Mirror Glass will receive an Argon Krypton Gas Insulation treatment at no cost.

Thermal Mirror Glass is the utmost in energy efficient glass, designed to provide protection against heat transference, guaranteed to keep northern Virginia homeowners cool in the summer and warm in the winter regardless of home window placement.

“Choosing Thermal Mirror Glass can result in significantly lower heating costs and an improvement in insulating value by as much as 50 percent over standard clear glass,” said John Bouchery of Vinyl Lite Window Factory. “We believe so strongly in the benefit of this technology that we’re including the Argon-Krypton gas insulation at no charge when customers upgrade their windows, but only for a limited time.”

Argon / Krypton Gas Insulation: How does that work?

An experienced Vinyl Lite Window Factory insulation technician will inject Argon and Krypton gases (both of which are inert gases with far higher insulation value than air) between layers of insulated Thermal Mirror Glass. This process will further decrease heating costs, temper relative humidity, and act as an acoustic insulator.

For more information about the technology, and to inquire about upgrading standard windows to Thermal Mirror Glass with Argon Krypton Gas insulation, contact Vinyl Lite Window Factory today.

About Vinyl Lite Window Factory

In 1936, William Bouchery first introduced the Bouchery family to the window industry. In the mid-fifties, his son, James Bouchery, took over the business and in 1978 founded a new company under its present name of Vinyl-Lite Window Factory. Today, James’ sons, Mike and Wayne run the day to day operations. For more than seventy-five years, the Bouchery family has been dedicated to the window and door industry, and has installed more than 530,000 windows in the Washington DC metropolitan area. For more information, visit

Your Home is a Dangerous Place. Do Your Part to Keep Your Children Safe.

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In a world that seems to grow more dangerous every day, there’s one place you know your family and your children will always be safe: at home. Or so you think. The sad truth is accidents at home claim the lives of six American children every day (according to statistics from Safe Kids Worldwide) and send thousands more to the emergency room, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Consider the home dangers, and how to prevent accidents.

Vinyl-Lite Window Factory cares about your home and your children, so we’ve taken this opportunity to help you recognize potential threats to your family’s safety, and to provide a few tips for preventing dangerous, life-threatening accidents.

1. Unsecured windows

Safe Kids Worldwide reported nearly 2 million kids under the age of 12 visited the emergency room in 2013 as the result of a fall. Even windows on the first floor present a risk for trips and slips, and traditional window screens are not strong enough to prevent a child from falling out. Vinyl-Lite Window Factory recommends installing a window guard with a quick release function to keep your family safe and secure — inside.

2. The medicine cabinet

The medications and creams you use on a daily basis without thinking twice can be extremely toxic for your children. Do your part to keep the medicine cabinet locked, and keep dangerous pharmaceuticals out of young ones’ reach.

3. Outlets covered with plastic caps

When many new parents think about babyproofing, they think about placing those little plastic covers over all exposed outlets, but new research from the Electrical Safety Foundation has indicated that nearly all children ages two to four were able to remove the covers with ease. The good news is all new homes constructed since 2008 have been fitted with tamper-resistant outlets. (Live in an older home? They’re easy and inexpensive to install.)

4. Cords that dangle from your window blinds

Walk around your home and count the adjustable cords dangling from your window blinds; never realized there were quite that many, right? They seem harmless, right? Far from it. Too many children each year are strangled by these cords. Keep this from happening by making sure cribs, beds and playroom furniture are positioned away from windows. You might even consider installing shades equipped with internal cords, or better yet, Cordless and roller shades.

With common sense and a little due diligence, you can rest assured that your children and loved ones are safe to play, and discover the world from the secure embrace of your home.

Why are birds flying into my windows?

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The only downside to beautiful, clean Vinyl-Lite Window Factory energy efficient windows is an increase in bird accidents. Winged creatures take one glance at your pristine custom-fit windows and assume the reflection is a clear flight path of trees or sky. It can be hard to enjoy such visual perfection when you’ve got the constant thud of our feathered friends assuming your second floor bathroom is an empty sky highway.

Protect your windows and our birds by making your Vinyl-Lite Window Factory energy efficient windows visible to birds while they are flying.

Small changes can make a big difference!

Use a window screen. Not only will it help break up the reflection, but birds will bounce off instead of smashing into the glass, much like jumping on a trampoline. The humane society recommends CollidEscape film. The film is applied to the exterior side of your energy efficient windows, creating a transparent view for guests inside the house, and an opaque view for our birdy friends.

External shutters or sunshades are a great option that can add a pleasing aesthetic to your home while keeping the sun out, limiting the reflective glare, and protecting your windows.

Move — or get! — bird feeders and baths. Keeping baths and feeders within three feet of your home means any collision won’t be fatal, but also discourages them from flying into your windows when they’ve got a detour in front of them. Baths and feeders that are 30 feet away help birds recognize windows are part of the house, rather than paying strict attention to the reflection.

Closed curtains and blinds will also eliminate the reflection. Keep them closed when they aren’t in use for maximum effect, while still enjoying the daylight or night sky when you are in the room.

But what should I do if a bird flies into my window?

Don’t panic. The humane society recommends gently covering the bird with a towel and placing her in a securely closed cardboard box — with air holes! Keep the box in a quiet, dark place to allow her to recover from her fall. Birds are often stunned following a hit, and need time to recover. Check on her every thirty minutes, but don’t touch.

Once she starts moving and looks recovered, take the box outside, open it, and step away. Let the bird fly away on her own. If she doesn’t, take her back inside and repeat the process. If she doesn’t recover within a few hours, but is still breathing, contact your local wildlife rehabilitator.

And if the poor bird broke, or cracked your window…

Call Vinyl-Lite Window Factory to order replacement energy efficient windows today.

El Niño: What Is It, and How Will it Affect Northern Virginia This Winter?

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The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle — better known simply as El Niño — is quantified by the presence of unusually warm water in the Pacific Ocean, and was first identified by fishermen off the coast of South America as long ago as the 1600s; named after the Christ Child (translated from the Spanish to this, or The Little Boy) as it was, these warm water events tend to occur most frequently in December, and often last for a period of nine to 12 months.

Many climate scientists and meteorologists are already likening the expected 2015 El Niño to that which occurred in the late 1990s, and while Californians are hopeful that his arrival will bring an end to their blistering drought, we here at Vinyl Lite Window Factory are wondering:

How will El Niño affect northern Virginia this winter? 

Well, the truth is… no one’s sure. Jason Samenow of the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang wrote of the last five El Niño events since 1950, “[the subsequent] winters either featured among the most paralyzing snowstorms in Washington, DC’s history or hardly any snow at all.”

Such extreme variation in the forecast can be, say area meteorologists, linked to the two primary, divergent, often complicated weather patterns linked to El Niño’s presence in the mid-Atlantic. That cranky little boy pushes the average position of the polar jet stream to the north, thus causing warmer winter air to fall over the region, while also amping up the moisture present along the southern jet stream, leading to increased volatility and an increased chance of a major winter storm.

With this unique combination of warmer air and tons more moisture, an untrained weather observer might read the words “an increased chance of a major winter storm” and see but one possible scenario play out. Could it happen? Sure. But Samenow and his Gang aren’t betting the [potentially snow covered] farm on it just yet.

“The combination of these two El Niño effects sometimes means [northern Virginia] gets flooded with mild air throughout the winter, favoring rain rather than snow when moisture-laden storms come along,” wrote Samenow. “But, at other times, just enough cold air hangs around for it to get hammered by a crippling snowstorm. (Whether there is sufficient cold air is often dependent on the state of the Arctic Oscillation).”

Will northern Virginia be in for a snow day of epic proportions this winter?

Only time will tell.

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Well-Lit Northern VA Home | Energy Efficient Windows

Expert Tips for a Well-Lit Northern Virginia Home

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Let’s face it: Fall has arrived, and with the crunch of fallen leaves comes cooler temperatures and shorter days; your family will spend more time indoors, and the glorious multitudes of natural light summer offers will fade. Now is the time to think about how, and in what ways to light your home for effect and ambiance and, well… light.

A good lighting plan can work magic on your living spaces.

Consider the following tips for a well-lit home through fall, winter, and beyond — and remember, it all starts with energy efficient windows.

Layer the light.

Listen to the experts, and you’ll soon learn that the recipe for successful lighting design is to layer four types of light in every room of the house.

  • First: Ambient, or indirect light will evenly illuminate each room to provide a base of sorts; this light can come from natural sources, from pendant lighting, or from an overhead fixture.
  • Second: Spotlight work or living areas with task lighting. Think reading lamps or under-counter lights.
  • Third: Highlight the room’s architecture with accent lights, such as track lights or adjustable recessed lights.
  • And finally: Add decorative lighting — a chandelier or a strategically placed lamp — to make large rooms feel smaller.

Add drama.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to highlight a roaring fire, a priceless piece of art, or your brand new bay windows, accent lights are perfect to add a touch of drama and call attention to the focal point of any room.

Install a dimmer switch.

Dimmer switches on your light fixtures are not only great for saving energy and extending the life of your bulbs, but they also serve to set the mood; tone down too-bright ambient lighting or create a more nuanced lighting scheme.

Make use of the daylight.

Northern Virginia may no longer be treated to twelve hours of daylight, but, and I don’t know about you, I’m thanking my lucky stars for the simple fact that we don’t live in Alaska; the daylight may fade but even on winter’s coldest day, there is daylight to be savored.

Natural light is the single best way to light your home, so maybe you’ll consider adding a new energy efficient window, installing a skylight, or investing in window coverings to highlight those new windows, and keep the cold air out — call Vinyl-Lite Window Factory; our subject matter experts will be more than happy to help.


Energy Efficient Tips for Saving Money & Staying Cool in Northern Virginia All Summer

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But summer’s almost over… Nope, not quite.

The kids are going back to school, and Labor Day is just around the corner, but northern Virginia is in for another full month of summer heat. And as these dog days linger, it’s important to stay cool (and to keep energy bills low) in your home.

Consider the following tips for saving energy and money:

1. Program your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re home, and push it as high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re not home. Do those numbers seem too high? A ceiling fan can cool a room by as much as four degrees, and uses far less energy than a central air conditioning unit. Also, Low E replacement windows insulated with argon gas will keep all of that cool air from escaping from your home while blocking the sun’s heat.

2. Install window coverings to prevent heat from seeping in through your windows. Learn more about the new technology offered by Vinyl-Lite Window Factory, like Fin Seal fiberglass weather seals, or their exclusive Thermal Mirror glass with triple the energy efficiency compared to the competition.

3. Hire an experienced HVAC servicer to tune up your air conditioner annually. It’s also advisable to clean or replace filters at regular intervals for more efficient operation. New energy efficient windows will reduce your HVAC workload and will also extend the life of your unit.

4. Minimize indoor heat by only running the dryer and dishwasher at night on the hottest days. Let your dishes air dry, and wash your clothes on the ‘cold’ setting. Avoid heat-generating lighting, and consider grilling outdoors.

5. Set your water heater to 120ºF, and no higher.

6. If possible, do not use extra freezers or refrigerators. These outdoor (or in-the-garage) units must work harder to keep food and beverages cold on hot summer days.

7. Unplug appliances and electronics. All home electronics should be plugged into power strips when possible, and turned off or unplugged when not in use.

8. Do you have a pool? Consider slowly reducing pool filtration time by 30-minute increments daily. As long as the water appears clean, keep reducing; soon you’ll find that you may only need to run your pool filter six hours a day; your energy bill will thank you.

9. Install energy efficient windows in your northern Virginia home.

New, energy efficient windows require an investment, but trust us when we say that they’ll eventually pay for themselves — thanks to lower heating and cooling costs. Really, the best decision is to hire Vinyl-Lite, northern Virginia’s window factory and showroom since 1978, to help you design, select, and install new energy efficient windows in your home.

Entrance Door Replacement | Northern VA

A Buyer’s Guide for Entrance Door Replacement in Northern Virginia

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Whether by choice or by necessity, you’ve made the decision to replace the entrance door on your home. The options are many, and you’re just not at all sure where to start, so you’ve asked:

“How do I know which entry door is right for me?”

The process to select a replacement entry door in northern Virginia can be complicated and, sometimes, confusing, but as the Honest Window (& Door) Company, we created this buyer’s guide designed to make it all a little easier.

Consider entry door style.

Exterior doors are available on the market in a wide variety of designs and styles to match any home, and any taste. The discerning homeowner might choose a basic entry door made of steel, or a tough, compression-molded fiberglass door designed to mimic hand-carved wood.

Consider entry door construction material.

The replacement entrance doors manufactured and sold by Vinyl Lite are constructed of fiberglass or steel, and/or with a polyurethane foam core, each of which has its own benefits and advantages:

  • A fiberglass entry door offers the look and feel of genuine wood without all the maintenance. In fact, fiberglass doors are designed to weather the demands of any climate.
  • For the most economical option, choose a steel door. These entry doors offer strength and durability at a low price point. Steel doors from Vinyl-Lite Window Factory are treated to be entirely rust-resistant.
  • Entrance doors that feature a polyurethane foam core offer additional sound-resistance and superior insulation value that worked to reduce heating and cooling energy needs.

Consider entry door features.

When choosing a replacement entry door in northern Virginia, there are a number of features to consider:

  • Security: Rest assured, all of the doors sold and installed by Vinyl-Lite Window Factory meet superior safety standards, no matter the building material. Our entrance doors feature stainless steel tongue construction and 3-point locking structure for greater security and stability.
  • Glass: Vinyl-Lite is the Honest Window Company; we know glass. If you want full-view glass panels, ¾-view glass panels, half-, or even just ¼-glass panels, there’s an entry door on the market, ready to adorn and service your home.
  • Swing: Choose an inswing (I/S) entry door, or an outswing (O/S) entry door, depending on your preferences or the construction of your home.
  • Hinges: Left-side hinges or right-side hinges generally depend on the swing of the door, where outswing doors feature hinges on the left and inswing doors feature hinges on the right.

Choosing a replacement entrance door in northern Virginia doesn’t have to be confusing or stressful. Call the experts at Vinyl-Lite Window Factory.

We’re standing by to answer your entrance door replacement questions.

Give us a call, at (703) 879-1426.

Northern VA’s Honest Window Factory Does Doors

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If you thought windows were important… Doors are absolutely key.

It’s clear that the first consideration when choosing a replacement door for your northern Virginia home is function. A door needs to close. It needs to lock. It needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the elements, but not so heavy that it’s difficult to operate. All that? That’s the easy part.

Immediately after function in the new door decision-making process is the concern for aesthetics. Boring doors make boring houses, I say. An entryway designed with an entrance door that reflects your sense of style and enhances the overall harmony of your décor invites guests into your home with a flourish.

That’s what sets the Vinyl-Lite door systems apart.

From contemporary to classic, and classic to colonial, Vinyl-Lite Window Factory has the entryway solution guaranteed to make your house feel a little more like home.

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia's Honest Window Factory

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

Entrance Door | Northern Virginia

In the market for a new door in northern Virginia?

The quality of our work speaks for itself. With nearly 40 years of experience serving customers in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area, Vinyl-Lite Window Factory is the best name in stylish, affordable entrance doors.

Call The Honest Window Company.

Call Vinyl-Lite today, at (703) 879-1426.