How to Accessorize Your Bay and Bow Windows

Of all types of windows, the bay and bow windows are the biggest. Because of size alone, you cannot disregard them and leave them literally hanging on your walls just as they are. They will always draw attention and it is your responsibility as a homeowner to beautify them even more. That is why various window treatment ideas are available for your own choosing. Now, how do you update your bay windows? What can you do to accessorize your bow windows? We are giving you some ideas.

Rolling window shades

Make use of rolling shades! Since bay and bow windows both have vertical column features, the usage of rolling window shades is efficient in adjusting the entrance of light to your home. Avail one roller shade per column. Aside from efficiency, rolling shades are also very compatible to installed curtains and available sofas given that the color scheme selection is well-planned.

Open window shutters

On the other hand, you may also opt on having open window shutters. Unlike the rollers, you will not be able to pull the shutters up and down, but you can slide the louvers for adjustment. The good thing about open window shutters is that it imbibes more privacy to the owners which may be accessible any time of the day and may be used in any season. Pick a color that matches the theme of your home’s interior design.


Long time ago, drapery used to be a status symbol. The heavier the drapes, the richer the family is. However, in recent times, drapery is used as a form of home fashion in many households. Aside from regular curtains that drop from top to bottom, horizontal drapes are used not only as a signifier of beauty, but a cover up of hanging installations of other window accessories. The width of bow and bay windows make curtain drapery a very interesting twist to the said window designs.

Adjacent sofa

A sofa set adjacent to your bay and bow windows would be a great addition to make your interior design more dimensional. Commonly, these sofa sets are positioned facing the opposite side of the windows. But since bay and bow windows provide a wide view outdoors, you may place your sofa facing the window instead. This would be very applicable if ithe view offers a scenic landscape. A great view should not be ignored. It will be a very relaxing spot in your home!