A Free Guide To Make Your Window Treatments Beautiful



Your Home Can Instantly Become Beautiful Through Simple Window Treatments.

Are you experiencing window treatments dilemmas? Window treatments are a brilliant way of increasing the aesthetic factor of your home as well as the window itself. Oftentimes, you are caught up with boundless options there are for window treatments, yet your primary goal is to make things beautiful.

Have you figured out ways to change the mood of your home through window treatments? Do you know that drapes can simply be the answer to your dilemmas?



Traditional drapes should be about 2 times the width of your window, but actually, twice the size of your window can do wonders.



Drapes look best if they really touch the floor. If they don’t and you like the style, then you might consider hemming.



Privacy is also a main concern when putting up drapes and not just for aesthetic purposes.



Rules are not necessarily applied to textile. This is the part where pure creativity can be in good use.



The higher the drapes – the better. Installing the placement of the stack closer to the ceiling will give a long vertical illusion to your room.



Some fabrics cause allergic reactions and are exhausting to take out and put back again. Roman shades can be a great alternative for drapes.


Are you excited for finally starting your window treatments project? Use the helpful tips provided that can finally reduce your dilemma. Focus on what pleases the sight and let your friends help you out with your window treatments. Do your research and try asking around the neighborhood. Sometimes, others’ experiences are answers to your problems.

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