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Energy Efficient Windows, Window Treatments & El Nino: Here’s What You Missed at Vinyl Lite Window Factory in 2015

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January is drawing to a close, and 2016 is off to a great start. As excited as we are about the year ahead, and the exciting, fun, informative things we’ll get to share with our audience and customers, bear with us for a moment as we reminisce on the one we left behind.

At Vinyl Lite Window Factory, we take great pride not just in the exceptionally energy efficient windows we install for homeowners throughout northern Virginia, but also for the education and the entertainment we can provide right here in our little corner of the Web.

We’ve got a slate of great content planned for 2016, but in the meantime:

Consider what you might have missed on Vinyl Lite Window Factory’s blog in 2015.

The year kicked off with a bang, with quick tips about achieving energy efficient windows in the winter… in style.

It’s cold outside. Your windows’ most important job in the winter time is to keep the warm air in and the cold air out, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. And you don’t have to.

In March, Vinyl Lite Window Factory provided a little helpful advice, and a bit of professional advice about the questions northern Virginians should be asking when purchasing replacement window screens.

Various factors are to be considered when choosing a replacement window screen. Are you concerned about using screens for style? Do insects bother your home? Setting, and holding tight to standards for your replacement window screens lead to satisfactory results.

In April, readers were offered a few tips for beautifying window treatments.

Oftentimes, you are caught up with boundless options there are for window treatments, yet your primary goal is to make things beautiful. Have you figured out ways to change the mood of your home through window treatments? Do you know that drapes can simply be the answer to your dilemma?

In May, Vinyl Lite Window Factory was excited to begin offering Thermal Sunscreen.

The honest window company is committed to keeping its customers, and their northern Virginia homes all summer long. You’ve got your energy efficient windows, but when the mercury spikes near the triple digits, your view on the world may need a little added protection from the sun. And we’ve got just the thing: Thermal SunScreen®.

August featured a quick & dirty guide to help northern Virginians choose the right replacement entry door.

When choosing a replacement entry door — whether by choice or necessity — there are several factors that go into making this decision: style, construction, and features just to name a few. The most important thing to know, however, is where to go to find the perfect entry door for your needs. And that’s Vinyl Lite Window Factory.

In October, northern Virginia’s window replacement experts taught readers a little more about El Niño, and the effects it might have on the weather this season.

Snow. It meant lots and lots of snow, all at once.

In December, we learned it’s a great idea to replace your windows in the winter.

Winter is not a time most northern Virginians think, “Time to replace my windows!” But this recent post from Vinyl Lite Window Factory illustrated a few unique advantages of doing just that. Winter window replacement means convenient and easy scheduling, not to mention an immediate return on investment — we’re talking increased warmth and a decreased heating bill!

SOLD. Are you ready to talk to Vinyl Lite Window Factory about energy efficient window installation and replacement in northern Virginia?

Yes, You Can & Should Replace Your Windows During the Winter Months

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BSD14-1121---VL-Blog-3_GardenWindow2Hmm. It seems you’ve noticed your electricity bill is rising. This is common during the winter months, but it’s been so warm in northern Virginia, you’ve only just barely turned your heat on, so something doesn’t seem quite right. You’re thinking it may be time to replace your windows. You might be right.

In addition to the rising electricity costs, have you noticed…

  • Air flow entering your home where it shouldn’t?
  • Condensation gathering between your double pane in the morning?
  • That you’re having trouble opening and closing the windows?
  • Outside noises seem louder than they used to be?
  • Troubling leaks or wet window sills after a rainstorm?

Then it’s time to replace your windows.

 “Now? In the winter? Shouldn’t I wait until spring?”

While some people advise against window replacement during the winter months, there are a few important reasons why we, northern Virginia’s window replacement experts, suggest calling us today.

Winter window replacement means easy and convenient scheduling.

Call Vinyl-Lite Window Factory and Showroom today, and we’ll replace your windows as soon as you can say, “Happy New Year!” Many people think exactly as you did, that spring is a better season for window replacement, and so we’re able, and happy to schedule your installation at any time convenient for you.

Winter window replacement means (nearly) immediate results.

 As much as we’d like to hope it would be true, the unseasonable warmth won’t last. Choose to replace your windows now, and you’re making the choice for a nearly immediate return on investment. The winter chill will set in, and when it does, your energy costs will be reduced, your thermostat will be lower and your house will be warmer.

Window replacement can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient — two things all northern Virginians can appreciate during these (usually) cold winter months.

Contact Vinyl Lite Window Factory to schedule your appointment today!

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Northern Virginia Window Factory Offers Thermal Mirror Glass With Special Incentive Argon Krypton Gas Insulation Treatment

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Fairfax, Virginia — January 11, 2016

As northern Virginia’s name to know for the purchase and installation of energy efficient windows, Vinyl Lite Window Factory is excited to offer its customers a revolutionary new window insulation technology — with special incentive for those who act quickly. Northern Virginians who choose to upgrade their windows to Thermal Mirror Glass will receive an Argon Krypton Gas Insulation treatment at no cost.

Thermal Mirror Glass is the utmost in energy efficient glass, designed to provide protection against heat transference, guaranteed to keep northern Virginia homeowners cool in the summer and warm in the winter regardless of home window placement.

“Choosing Thermal Mirror Glass can result in significantly lower heating costs and an improvement in insulating value by as much as 50 percent over standard clear glass,” said John Bouchery of Vinyl Lite Window Factory. “We believe so strongly in the benefit of this technology that we’re including the Argon-Krypton gas insulation at no charge when customers upgrade their windows, but only for a limited time.”

Argon / Krypton Gas Insulation: How does that work?

An experienced Vinyl Lite Window Factory insulation technician will inject Argon and Krypton gases (both of which are inert gases with far higher insulation value than air) between layers of insulated Thermal Mirror Glass. This process will further decrease heating costs, temper relative humidity, and act as an acoustic insulator.

For more information about the technology, and to inquire about upgrading standard windows to Thermal Mirror Glass with Argon Krypton Gas insulation, contact Vinyl Lite Window Factory today.

About Vinyl Lite Window Factory

In 1936, William Bouchery first introduced the Bouchery family to the window industry. In the mid-fifties, his son, James Bouchery, took over the business and in 1978 founded a new company under its present name of Vinyl-Lite Window Factory. Today, James’ sons, Mike and Wayne run the day to day operations. For more than seventy-five years, the Bouchery family has been dedicated to the window and door industry, and has installed more than 530,000 windows in the Washington DC metropolitan area. For more information, visit