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It’s All About Efficiency in Northern VA: Energy Efficient Windows, That Is

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They’re kind of important.

Windows fill our northern Virginia homes with light and warmth, and ensure proper ventilation, but here’s the thing: They can also have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

If you’ve noticed a substantial increase in your energy bill, it may be time to call Vinyl-Lite; it may be time to consider improving the efficiency of your current win-dows — or better yet, installing new, energy efficient windows in your home.

Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Windows

Improve the energy efficiency of your existing windows in a few ways:

Add caulking and weatherstripping. Caulk should be used to seal stationary cracks, gaps or joints that are less than one-quarter-inch wide; weatherstripping will come in handy for sealing pieces and parts that move (e.g., doors and operable windows).

Hang window treatments. Windows treatments, such as curtains or blinds, will work to keep the warm air in in the winter, and out in the summer, but won’t do much to help fix leaks or gaps.

Sure, there are steps you can take to improve the energy efficiency of the windows already installed in your northern Virginia home, but if those windows are very old, or very inefficient, it may be a better idea to (and ultimately more cost effective) to replace them.

Selecting Energy Efficient Windows for your Northern VA Home

New, energy efficient windows require an investment, but trust us when we say that they’ll eventually pay for themselves — thanks to lower heating and cooling costs, and even lower lighting costs. Really, the best decision is to hire northern Virginia’s window factory and showroom since 1978 to help you design, select, and install new energy efficient windows in your home today.

But what kind of windows work best for your home?

There’s a lot to consider.

The process of selecting new, energy efficient windows for your home has to start with an understanding of how a window’s energy performance is rated: From its U-factor, to its solar heat gain co-efficient and its visible transmittance.

There are different types and styles of energy efficient windows, and specific considerations when it comes to installing energy efficient windows in northern Virginia.

Lucky for you: We’re the honest window company.

Call Vinyl Lite today for a free energy efficient window estimate.

What No One Tells You About Custom Window Treatments

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Summer season is on its way – now would be the best time to get involved in home remodeling or improvement projects. Putting up custom window treatments is the most convenient way to brighten up your home. By simply customizing your window design, you can instantly upgrade your interior design.

Custom window treatments may seem like an effortless task but in reality it is not. There are certain window treatment mistakes that need to be avoided. Keep in mind that a few of these mistakes may be difficult to prevent but doing so will lead to better results.

Here are the top 4 mistakes in custom window treatments:

Going For Less

At times, when you look around the mall or the Internet, you may be tempted to purchase what’s on sale or what’s the cheapest window treatments. Before doing so, you have to ask yourself, “Would these be appropriate for my windows?” or “Would these suit my home’s interior design?” Some tapestry or coverings might not have the accurate measurement of your window.

Picking The Wrong Hardware

Window hardware serves as a foundation for your window treatments. If not carefully chosen, you will come across problems with installing your window treatments. Wrong hardware will also damage your walls in the long run.

Doing Do-It-Yourself Projects

Although DIY’s are prevalent with the rise of the Internet, you can never replace the skills of a professional. Not all DIY projects are applicable to your window treatments, especially with custom window treatments. Pay a professional with less and enjoy the benefits or pay nothing but pay tons of money in the long run.


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Installing Improper Rods

If a rod is too small, tendency is, it will sag in the mid part. If a rod is too long, it will not allow your drapes to open and and close and would make it feel like the ceilings are short. Window treatment rod should match the window type, the size, the floor, and the rest of your interior design.

To avoid these mistakes, seek the help of Vinyl-Lite Window Factory. We will customize the right window treatments for you. We provide distinctive vinyl window service for more than 30 years and produce only the best custom window treatment you deserve.

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice To Have Custom Window Treatments?

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Custom window treatments are a classification of window treatment services where the windows are customized according to the preference of the homeowners.

Have you come to a point of “I wish I could put a picture window here” or “Would it be great to change the color of these casement window?” A truly credible window contractor and manufacturer offer custom window services to their clients. There is no need for you to doubt whether the new window would look good or not, will it fit the window opening or not, or will it suit the house, custom windows will put a stop to those doubts.

Here are a variety of options to consider when having custom window treatments.



What makes any window livelier is their color. It appeals to the mood even without us knowing it. You can now have any window color of your choice.



Have you ever purchased a window with beautiful style and color but it does not fit onto the window opening of your former window? It’s a waste of money right? With custom window treatments, any window you want can be customized to fit your window opening.


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The best thing about custom window is that you have an unlimited choice of grid patterns. Whether it’s a diamond grid or a prarie grid, custom window treatments can have any pattern you desire.



Solar shades are a trend in the modern era. These types of window designs are clean plus they offer great UV protection. Every individual has different preferences in design, including you. Do further research in window designs and incorporate them into your style and tell your local window contractor about it.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have custom window treatments? It absolutely is. Save yourself from the hassle of deciding for too long when purchasing windows. Customized windows are in.

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A Beginner’s Guide To Custom Window Treatments

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 What Exactly Are Custom Window Treatments?

In this modern era, lifestyle has never been easier through the rapid dominance of technology in people’s lives. In the case of window manufacturing and installation, credible window manufacturers can now meet the specific requirements of your home. Roughly all forms, sizes, and style the suit your needs are accessible.


Why Do You Need Custom Window Treatments?


Custom window treatments allow your new window to fit into its window opening without sacrificing its aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency

Promote energy efficiency and proper insulation at home with custom windows. This will be a great help to reduce your electric bills and help promote good insulation.


The process of installing custom windows requires less work since they are already built to fit your window opening.


The best thing about custom window treatments is that you can choose from many options. You can incorporate the style of your window to your own sense of style.


Custom windows are the product of the craftsmanship of your window manufacturer. So you can gladly expect custom window treatments services to be at its best.


Who Do You Call For Custom Window Treatments?

Seek the help of window professionals who are not only contractors, but also the manufacturer themselves – no middleman required. You can do your research on window showroom in your area and make sure they have a good reputation with custom window treatments.


When Do You Need Custom Window Treatments?


Since winter is over, and the blooming season is in, pests are now starting to enter our homes through windows.


For individuals who have a keen sense of style, custom window treatments are a blessing.


If our windows are already outdated, then it’s a great indicator that you need a customized window right away.

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