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Window Replacement SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions)

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Before attempting to install new windows, make sure to ask yourself some questions to save you from nonsense spending. Know how to maintain your window or just by simply hiring a window replacement contractor.


Start asking these questions to yourself to help you evaluate your window replacement needs.

Q#1: Does Your Window Cause Annoyance?

Consistent repair and nursing of your old window is troublesome. Consider the ease of using the functionalities, say for example, the sliding or opening. Next is the cleaning, it may be that your windows take huge amount of energy by just cleaning them.


Q#2: Does Your Window Function Uncomfortably?

Windows with single-pane tend to allow rooms to be arctic cold in the cold weather and extremely hot during the sunny weather. If this is your problem, consider shading options that will help you.


Q#3: Does Your Window Appear Ugly?

Maybe this may be worth repairing. This is when your windows are starting to rot, saggy, or worse – get eaten by termites. You don’t want the haunted-house vibe in your house.


Window replacement takes money and time. Know the steps before jumping into conclusion. Anyway, your comfort and pleasure always comes first.

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Howard Gardener School Students Explores The Fascinating Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer

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Numerous students from Howard Gardner School – an independent hands on learning school, participated in a manufacturer field trip on January 20, 2015 to Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer – the leading window manufacturer in Virginia.

Howard Gardener School chose to explore Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer in hopes of educating young minds about the world of window manufacturing. Since the school concentrates on hands on learning, they find it best to take field trips at the real world. Michael Bouchery, the son of Vinyl-Lite Windows’ founder, conducted the tour around the manufacturer.


Howard Gardener School is a small yet prestigious independent school located in Alexandria, Virginia. They prepare learners at a young age to determine their career path in the future. Reid Adler, Howard Gardener School’s president, along with its constituent value hands on learning. Opening budding minds will help them choose to pursue the right way of living.

On the other hand, Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer from Lorton, Virginia and a family-owned business offers window replacement services for over 35 years. Clients from all over the state continue to trust Vinyl-Lite Windows up until now. No wonder they had been awarded as Business of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce.


Howard Gardener School’s field trip to Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer was truly an educating experience.

Know more about Howard Gardener School at and for further interesting facts about Vinyl-Lite Windows Manufacturer, visit


Window Maintenance: Frequently Asked Questions Are Answered

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Are You Concerned About Window Maintenance?

You sure are. Window maintenance is necessary to prevent spending much in the long run. Also, when you keep track on your windows condition, you can keep track your energy consumption. Household junkies are concerned about window maintenance simply because they want to have what’s best for their home and budget.


What are the frequently asked questions about window maintenance by homeowners?


Q1: How Long Do Windows Last?

Windows do not necessarily have a certain life span. However, details such as the screw, the hinges, and other parts may wear out over time. Proper window maintenance would keep window parts from breaking out.

Q2: Why Do Windows Fall?

Again, this may be due to loose hinges and screws. If not maintained, your home windows would most likely fall.

Q3: Who Would You Blame For Fallen Window?

Window contractors or builders are supposed to keep the windows intact and safe. Once damages occur, it would be better to contact your local contractor.

Q4: What Happens When Someone Gets Injured?

First of all, go treat the wounded. It would be more difficult if the window fell on a stranger. The homeowner will have to pay for the damages. Most likely, when they sue, the accused will pay a fine of $10,000 or more since this case is regarded as Infraction in the USA.


Your window maintenance should not be ignored. If your windows are not properly installed, tell your window contractor (link here) about it. Safety and comfort should always come first to ensure a happy living.

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Know These 6 Roof Types Before Installing One

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How Do You Know What Roof Types To Use?

When choosing a roof, it is crucial to be familiar on which roof type suits your home. Roof types vary on their durability, style, frame, and size. In order to achieve the desired result, careful research and survey would be necessary. Choose wisely and you will find the right roof for your house.


So, Which Roof Type Is The Right One For Your Home?

The Asphalt Composition Shingles

Most houses own this type of roof. It is made of organic fiber mat or fiberglass, which is good for windy places. This type of roof is petroleum-based and cannot be considered as eco-friendly. It also weighs moderately. Costs range from $1500 to $9000 depending on the manufacturer.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing costs more than the previous roof type. On the other hand, this is more wind or fire resistant. Materials comprises of aluminum, copper, steel, or zinc alloy. They can be in shingles or sheets as well.

Plastic Polymer

This roof type is mainly composed of high-tech plastic polymer material. It would be wise to use this as well for it’s long durability and low maintenance.

Clay Tile

Clay tiles are fire and wind resistant as well. They have a touch of Italian and Spanish look and have the feature of wood shakes or slate. However, take note that this type of roof costs high.

Concrete Tile

The materials are originally made from Portland cement and sand. If you’re considering an Eco-friendly roof, this one’s the right choice. Heavy roof framing is needed to support the concrete tile roof type.

Wood Shingles and Shakes

From the name itself, it has a shingle and shake appearance. But because of its wooden features, this has low fire resistance and shorter life span. On the other hand, this type of roof will give your home a beautiful, natural appearance without having to break the bank.


It would be advisable to ask a trusted roofing contractor about other roof types. Just because a roof style looks good doesn’t mean it would be suitable for your home. Remember to always choose well and enjoy the comforts of your home.

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