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Window Boxes: Creative Ways to Accentuate Them in Winter

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Celebrating winter doesn’t have to be all that dull and white. Through the help of window boxes, you can bring a little vibrancy to your home, eliminating a hint of paleness. Placed on the outer side of your windows, window boxes can do amazing things to your home to give it an impressive curb appeal that matches the season. You don’t have to leave them blank and empty during the remaining months of winter. You have lots of options below!

Go Merry!

Christmas wreaths, as commonly perceive, are not only for doors. Moreover, not only for the interiors. Holiday decorations, with fashion and style, might as well extend to the outside through the use of winter window boxes.


Using a stack of hay as a foundation, or another alternative, place in some hollies and evergreen branches for your temporary planter. You may also add artificial grapevines for effect. Make sure you match your exterior Christmas decoration to the interior for consistency. A wire-framed window box would suit best for this creative peg.

Go Green!

Add some green to your exterior by putting plants in your window boxes. Select those that are made to withstand the extreme cold. Some of these are pinecones, evergreens, winter berries and others.


It would also be nice if you can ask word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family who are inclined to the art of gardening. Paint it green by growing more plants!

Go Healthy!

Who says edible plants can only grow indoors? Well, that applies to most plants, but there’s actually one that’s capable of enduring the cold and actually surviving one of the most critical seasons. Winter cabbage can thrive in the cold for a few months, germinating in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Grow some winter cabbages in your window boxes for your own consumption.


Carefully choose a cabbage variety that’s thicker, harder and have smaller heads. They have more chances of survival compared to softer varieties. Winter cabbages will likely turn your season a tastier one. Indulge your craving for cabbages and eat healthy.

Go Dramatic!

Leafless trees are a common sight in winter. But these become rather unique and creative if they are meticulously selected and displayed on window boxes with full-on artistry.


What to do? Gather a number of leafless branches – just enough to display on your window boxes. Paint them in silver and gold, or in the color combination of your choice. You may also prefer having unpainted sticks. These make-up for a dramatic holiday ambiance as you look outside your windows.

Winter window boxes should serve its purpose all-year round. It’s up to you how to make it alive and attractive.

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How Garden Windows Give You a Happier Home

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Winter has that certain melancholic effect that leaves us sulking in one corner of the bedroom. Don’t you agree? If it’s not stopping you to go out and be merry, it hinders you to stand up and take control of the things you’ve always loved to do. We can’t totally blame it on the cold. In fact, it’s more on the presentation. How the snow is presented matters a lot. You could see it as a monstrous annual phenomenon or simply a magical season. It’s truly a matter of perspective. With  garden windows, you’ll see winter in a much more beautiful light.

Now what makes garden windows the perfect addition to your home? What makes  garden windows the lacking element your house needs? What makes garden windows the ultimate window option regardless of season?


Panoramic View

Engineered to have wide visual access to the outdoors, garden windows are capable of providing your house a panoramic view of the open air, in the same way  bow and  bay windows do.

Now, the white, wintry outdoors may not be your ideal picture of happiness. But having a surface, where you can display your indoor plants and winter ornaments, is enough to give that plain white panoramic view a rather different spice.

Edible Plants

Garden windows are a perfect match to make your earnest desire for growing edible plants and herbs indoors a reality. Some vegetables may be too sensitive to the cold, so having at least one garden window is an essential option for you to keep them green and alive even in autumn and winter. Moreover, with three venting windows, including the top and sides, garden windows are as essential in the warmer months as well.

Good candidates for indoor vegetable gardening include onions, tomatoes, and peppers.

Thematic Orientation

If colors and style matter to you, you’re seriously in need to have  garden windows installed in your home. Garden windows are made to suffice your hunger for home interior artistry. Built with versatility and class, they can easily engage with the theme you envision for your humble abode. Whether you sport a holiday theme or anything random, you’ll surely make it work with greenhouse windows, also known as garden windows.

Gardener’s Crib

Don’t give the winter season the power to take away your will to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Who says gardeners are given a time to hibernate during the off-season? Well, that’s definitely not the case with garden windows.

Greenhouse garden windows are specifically well-known for growing indoor plants.

Regardless of time and season, gardening enthusiasts can always rely on  garden windows. Make the move and be merry all-year round!

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Storm Door Installation: A Budget-Friendly Alternative for Door Replacement

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A series of celebrations is waiting for us at the end of the year. Although we look forward to having a good time at these events, the coming holidays also signal the approaching demand of nasty electricity bills causing our pockets to instantly turn loose. If not handled well, the increasing cold would dominate our households and demand much of our hard-earned money. The idea of having a door replacement project to have these home issues settled would probably the first one to pop. But good news! It isn’t the only option.


Why is door replacement initially thought of as an instant solution to such problems anyway? It’s mainly because of unwanted openings of old and drafty doors – and windows. These cracks invite the outdoor cold temperature to seep through your home. But instead of having your doors immediately replaced, you may very well opt for storm door installation as an alternative. It’s way cheaper, functional and is usable all year round.

Unfortunately for many, storm door installation only starts and ends at the front door. That shouldn’t be the case. All openings that connect your house’s interior to the exterior need that same attention your front door gets. It is a prerequisite that you check on all your exterior doors and identify which ones invite the cold temperature to take over your home. That way, you’ll know which ones demand for remedy – whether its storm door installation or door replacement.

Start the inspection! And make sure you don’t miss the following:


Garage Doors


Vehicles, gym equipment, musical instruments, mechanical tools. These are just a few of the many things you put in your garage. Although this part may just be an extension of your home, its contents still need careful preservation. To make them last, they must be protected from extreme cold. However, garage doors are naturally built wider than usual doors. Door replacement in this area of the house may be a little more expensive than other parts. If the cash doesn’t seem to be a problem at the moment, go for door replacement. Otherwise, you can have storm door installation, and be equally satisfied with the end result.


Basement Doors


The basement, which is positioned a few inches lower than the ground, would above all need extra shield. Basement storm doors are a necessity especially during the winter months. Imagine a mass of snow filling up the space separating your basement exit to the ground level. Going in and out through it would definitely be impossible. But thanks to having a basement storm door installation option. Have it secured before the snow pour turns heavy!


Sliding Patio Doors


Replacing your sliding patio doors just because of weather constraints isn’t a good idea. You don’t really need to sacrifice your house’s overall curb appeal because of that. Door replacement alternative has never been this good with storm door installation.

Storm doors aren’t just suited for front doors. Brought by customization services, not only does storm door installation available in a wide variety of styles and colors, but in different sizes as well. Have one for your sliding patio doors. That extra layer is as important to keep your living room or bedroom area warm enough to last the season.

Storm door installation isn’t a home improvement step to fear about. It is a friendly, versatile alternative for door replacement. Replacement may be the ideal option, but with due consideration of financial constraints, storm door installation would be the next best candidate. Keep yourself warm!


Your Thanksgiving Countdown Begins Today

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The clock is ticking and before you know it, it’s already one of the busiest time of the year – Thanksgiving. So what’s the plan? Have you started on the preparation?

Well, you should. There surely isn’t enough time to waste. As early as now, you need to prepare the things you’ll be needing for the big day. For certain, you are aware it isn’t good to cram, especially if you’re planning something grand for your close friends and family to enjoy.

What better way to do it than kicking off the planning phase right away? We got your back on this. We’ll help you all the way starting with step one.


Think of a theme


That’s right! We’re getting started today. So how do you want the Thanksgiving gathering to be? No idea yet? You can start by coming up with a draft list of invitees (if possible, inform them right away and have them RSVP) and by thinking of a theme. They will serve as your party’s backbone. Come to think of it, when you have a theme and a vision on whom to celebrate the gathering with, you’ll have a much easier time deciding on the necessary specifics, such as the centerpiece, menu, etc.


Make a step-by-step plan


What automatically follows is the designation of specifics. Using the theme you’ve come up with and the list of people you have gathered (with a final head count, hopefully), you may begin classifying detailed steps to make your Thanksgiving party happen. What do you need? From the confirmation invitation to the selection of utensils, from the replacement of table towels to the general serving plan, from the home décor preparations to other errands, they all need to be listed down.


Mark important dates in your calendar


The list is just a list if you do nothing about it. We know, the list could be a little overwhelming, but there’s nothing to worry about as long as there’s time management involved. There should be apparent milestone week by week. By the time Thanksgiving week comes, what’s left on your list would only be the cooking part, of which you’re already half-way done. Trust us, you can lift a little burden off your shoulders by following an efficient schedule.


Start shopping


It is wise to put shopping on the earlier part of the whole calendar. Besides, you cannot begin on the other items on your list if the materials you’ll be needing are yet intangible. So have them gathered by going shopping beforehand. You may divide them into batches depending on priority. But don’t ever go without a Thanksgiving to-buy list on hand. Because chances are, you’ll miss something.

Allow yourself time to find exotic ingredients for your special menu. With the hectic schedule ahead of you, constantly going back and forth to the supermarket will only ruin the plan. You may also start ordering certain food items, such as the turkey, that’s ever present during Thanksgiving holidays.


Ease out items on your cooking list


From the moment you have decided on the final listing of the menu, it is assumed that you’ve also decided on the cooking schedule. Given the limited time of only a day of Thanksgiving, you can’t cook everything in just a few hours before the scheduled dinner with your family and friends. But you can cook them in batches as well, just like in shopping.

1 or 2 weeks before the Thanksgiving, you can start cooking dishes you can safely keep in the fridge until the proposed gathering. Food items such as pastries, turkey stock, bread and various desserts can be frozen and defrosted in time for Thanksgiving.


Beautify your home


But don’t get too busy with the food prep that you forget about your home. Set a waiting area for your guests on the porch or probably in the living room near the windows. Clean the whole house, dust off interior ornaments and hang or display pieces that will help set the Thanksgiving mood. Also, don’t forget to have clean sheets, towels, table cloth and utensils for your guests.

That’s it! The year’s about to end. And although it wasn’t as smooth-sailing as you hoped it would be, you just simply couldn’t disregard the moments that you laughed your heart out and felt genuinely relieved despite life’s little heartaches. That’s why we celebrate Thanksgiving! Some people do it out of sheer tradition, but some do it because of authentic gratitude. What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful for? Gratitude is meant to be celebrated.

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