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DIY Guide: How to Make a Gardening Gift Set

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Before spring season breaks in again, laze over the holidays and make the most of it by giving out presents to those who matter to you. The good thing is that you are not really required to give very expensive gifts. As they say, “It’s the thought that counts.” And that’s what we are going to do today. Gardening tool kits for your neighbors and in-laws – a perfect source of delight in preparation for spring!

You will need the following:
• Flower Pots
• Used Gift Wrappers
• Ribbons
• Gardening giveaways

To start off, arrange all flower pots in a line and divide the gardening tools you have purchased evenly. The flower pots will serve as the base of the project. Include putting in some gardening gloves, mini shovels, gardening shears, packs of fertilizers and other useful items. The number of freebies for each person would depend on the size of the flower pots you have selected. Also, make sure that the pot is deep enough to hold the items vertically.

After all items are distributed in the flower pots, arrange them creatively putting the small ones in the front and the big ones at the back. Make sure the levels are displayed with variety for a much more artistic effect. You may also cut out bits and pieces of your used gift wrappers to insert in between the gardening tools to add color and texture. This is optional, but you may also insert a Christmas greeting card in between the tools.

For the final touch, wrap around a ribbon to the bodies of the flower pots. You may use red, green and gold hues to make the presents very timely. You may also recycle the gift wrappers and maybe use them as customized gift tags. And you’re done! It’s very easy, isn’t it? Giving, that’s what the holidays is truly about.

Preventing Skylight Problems in Winter

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Roof inspections must be made to detect problems that may occur in areas of the house that are not very much exposed to a homeowner’s supervision. At least twice a year, such inspection must be made to allow necessary maintenance and repair. Your roofing and skylights also need proper tending. With regards to this, inspection should be made at least before winter to give time for the restoration.

Clean the area

How many times a year does your skylights get decent cleaning? Perhaps you can hardly tell because of the rarity. But cleaning is very essential as it helps you find skylight flaws better. Use a very mild substance in cleaning the sides and surfaces of a skylight as to avoid destroying the materials. Avoid using gasoline, acetone, et cetera. Homeowners are encouraged to use thin strips of clothing in wiping off some dirt.

Inspect for leaks

Leaks invite cold and water during winter. People who do not acknowledge this as a serious problem suffer in paying their monthly bills in the whole duration of the winter season. Detected leaks can be fixed by repairing the surrounding flashes of the frames. This may be done by homeowners themselves, but a help of an expert may also be considered. You may also inspect the closing and opening gears for some problems.

Check the glasses

Skylight glasses could crack at a given life span. Others may produce deformation and bulging appearances for a reason. A licensed skylight installer can only determine the cause for such physical changes. Whether he suggests for repair or replacement, the decision is up to you.