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DIY Tips in Cleaning Doors, Windows and Sidings

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It is always good to do some houseworks by yourself when the work load is not really that heavy. Especially if you want to cut some costs, doing them yourself is the most practical thing to do. Replacing and installing some new facilities in your home could get difficult, but doing some simple cleaning is not that ambitious. Whether you plan on cleaning doors, windows, or your house sidings, you have these tips listed below to be thankful for!

July is a hot season to begin with. But we, in Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory, do not encourage you to do the cleaning when the sun is striking hot or when the light directly hits the area you are trying to clean. The tendency is that it will rush the drying pattern which may leave unpleasant streaks on the surface. The thing is, the water or the liquid substance used for cleaning is dried up prematurely before they completely flow to the bottom, thus explains the streaks. It is advisable that you do the cleaning when the area in target is in shade or simply when the weather is a little bit cloudy. You just have to find the right timing.

Also, when you get yourself into doing things on your own, it is important to always use your common sense to get quality result within a short amount of time. Start cleaning from the top to the bottom. It is  a basic thing most people forget. Doing the opposite is only a waste of time – and a waste of cleaning materials. Begin on the top to make the whole cleaning process efficient. When you start below, most likely you will have to do the whole process all over again. Gravity sucks down the liquid you use for cleaning, you know. So naturally every dirt washed away on top always finds its way to go down.

In the case of cleaning glass doors or windows, you need to also take into consideration the air quality inside your homes. What do I mean by this? Air produced by air-conditioners or heaters sometimes release dusty air that are usually visible in glasses. Check your air ventilation machines to avoid such scenario.

It pays to notice all the little details.

Useful Summer Lawn Care Pointers

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At this point in time, you can no longer deny the summer heat. The month of July is the time of the season where the temperature accelerates to its maximum. Aside from taking care of the insulation inside your home and worrying about the possibility of horrifying bills, we guess it is also time to pay attention to your lawn that’s prematurely changing its color even if autumn is still months away. Take it as a sign. July is the time of the year that you must care best for your lawn. After all, it is an essential extension of your home and the lushness of it or the lack of such would definitely affect your house’s over-all appearance.

Do Not Fertilize

It is a major no-no to fertilize your lawn during the summer season. Although the cause is great, the effect might not be that friendly to the grasses subsisting in your yard. The application of fertilizers during a hot season burns the lawn instead of making it lush.

Mow Grasses

Mowing the grasses in your yard seems to be an easy task especially with the assistance of an electric lawn mower; however, it must be done properly. You can have your grasses up to 2 to 2.5 inches all-year round, but you need to elevate the height during summer for at least an additional one inch. Having the advised length of grasses allows them to stay in good condition as grasses with such height are more receptive to heat.

Irrigate Your Lawn

More than ever, you need to water your lawn. Normally, lawns need one inch of water per week, most especially during hotter seasons. The frequency varies depending on the amount of heat that directly hit the area, and soil drainage. As long as it receives enough amount weekly, then your lawn can mostly survive the summer heat. Also, it is advisable to water the grasses in the morning to avoid fungal lawn diseases.

Treat Lawn Diseases

Speaking of diseases, the application of fungicide may be the best thing to do to prevent your lawn from having fungal diseases. Doing it once a month would basically counter the coming of unwanted pests and infections in your grasses.

Make It Shine: Tips On Making Your House Brighter

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Aside from having windows, doors and sidings that have excellent insulation and glazing systems, what else can be done to have your monthly electricity bills reduced? Well, for all you know, temperature is not the only thing to be dealt with when it comes to your energy usage. In its own little way, light also has its contribution to the bills you pay. Now here are some tips that you can apply to your own home!


It is pretty much known to everyone that there are materials that provide you what you need in terms of heating and cooling systems. However, when it comes to letting light enter your home, window sizes would matter. The wider the openings are, the brighter your house will become. Consider installing the wide windows in areas where your family and visitors mostly stay in. They would be perfect in living rooms and dining areas.

Open Plans

Open floor plans are very convenient to make an area look more spacious. Compared to having big windows, an open plan does not necessarily invite natural light to come in your house from the outside. What it does instead is that it allows light to be shared in one big area. Wall and door divisions are actually impractical as they encourage individual usage of lights. Imagine the second floor of your house with five separate rooms, and five separate electricity uses. Wouldn’t you prefer having only one or two sources?

Entry Doors

Doors can be found in different areas of your home, and you can have them in different designs. For the purpose of allowing light to enter your residence, you can opt on having an entrance door having glass elements in the design. In one way or another, you still want privacy, right? Keep your entrance doors coy, exert the glass element by having a sliding glass doors at the back of your home. It will serve as a fine opening towards the patio.


Perhaps the most creative access to let the light enter in your home is through having skylights. Its aesthetic can actually be seen in its placement. Where do you think it suits best? How will it appear as part of the interior? Also, by studying about the East and the West you can adorn your home by knowing where the light hits and knowing where the shadows land at a specific time of the day.

The above are suggested actions you can do to make your house a brighter place to live in. Light in some ways affect your mood. The brighter your dwelling place is, the more positive your outlook in life will be. Not only will you be able to save electricity usage, but you will be saved from the literal darkness as well.

Necessary House Repairs For The Summer

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Summer gives you a lot of opportunities to hang out with friends, colleagues and families. The next get-together could be in one of your friends’ beach house, in the family’s favorite mountain resort, in a bar you and your colleagues often visit, or much better, it could be in your own home. You never really know when the group decides to choose your house as the next spot for partying or for relaxing. Or if your home will not be picked this year, at least you are trying to do something to make your house look more warm and friendly. So while they haven’t thought about it yet, prepare the areas in your house where the happenings mostly happen!


The kitchen area does not miss any of the frenzied activities that happen in your home – your pop’s birthday party, live streaming of the NBA Championship, last hurrah for summer, etc. This is where it all starts! This is where you cook your Italian cuisine specialty. This is where the popcorn noisily pops. And this is where wine glasses start to click. Make it convenient for you and your friends or families by installing garden windows in the kitchen. It’ll be cozy and fresh for all of you who will be doing a very busy preparation!


Who doesn’t want long and deep conversations with friends and colleagues from dusk to dawn under the blanket of twinkling stars in the night sky?  Well, that’s for small groups. However, your terrace can still cater to a bigger number of guests by extending it to the living room. Just make sure the sliding glass doors are in perfect condition to welcome the guests. Picture windows are also beneficial for those who will occupy the living room. Despite staying inside, they can still have a view of the sparkling and enchanting cityline.


Your patio is also another relevant extension of your house. When you feel like having a breather, this is the best area for you. Pay attention to the things that need necessary repairs. From the tables to chairs, from doors to floors. Spend time with your colleagues over a cup of tea or coffee – whichever is more tasteful for you.

5 Things To Consider In Windows Replacement

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Beautifying your home not only involves having a fine-looking lawn and garden, or a freshly painted roofing and siding. What else could give it a new flare? Well, the look of your house can radically change for the better simply by replacing old windows with new ones. Windows serve as the eyes of your home, letting in the light and giving your place a whole new vibrance. However, windows replacement isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Many things need to be considered to make your investment worth it.


When people decide on replacing windows, most of them do it in all parts of the house. This is because some homeowners find it difficult to find an exact match or model of their old windows. Some windows may have been installed during the late 90s, how high is the percentage of the possibility that the same model is still available in the market in 2013?

Other than that, consistency matters in terms of appearance. If you truly care about aesthetics, you would notice how different an old window looks like from the new. In some ways, the colors and tint vary, frame sizes differ. Replacing all windows will do much good.

2. Durability

It is the ultimate wish of homeowners to replace their windows only once in their lifetime or never at all. Choosing a trusted brand that goes along with your goal is very important. Replacement is good, but doing it once every year sounds terrible to me!

On the other hand, users can also contribute to the durability of windows. Choose window models that suit best to the people who will be using. There are windows very appropriate for playful kids, etc.

3. Cost

Before any decision is made, dwell on the financial aspect of replacing windows. It could be expensive since windows represent 10% of the totality of your home. Be very particular about the fee you need to pay to the manufacturers, the materials to be used, the frame sizes needed, and others. It is an investment you need to think a lot about.

4. Energy-Efficiency

One the main reasons why homeowners decide on having windows replacement is the promise of a onetime investment that helps reduce utility bills – electricity to be specific. Choose windows that have good insulation capacities, impressive glazing systems and the likes. You need feel the effects of the replacement, or else your investment will be considered useless.

5. Suitability

You have goals when the idea of windows replacement came into your consciousness, right? The important thing is that all of your objectives should be met by the motion you have decided on taking. It takes a lot of planning. Canvass on window companies that will help you with your desire. If you are wise and practical enough, you will be getting more than what you pay for.

Why You Should Invest On Vinyl Siding

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The title posts a question that does not require a very long explanation. You may very well know that there are a variety of options available in the market for your house’s sidings. From brick to wood, from aluminum to fiber cement. But what most people prefer are those that are made of vinyl.

So what’s the hype about vinyl siding?

Vinyl-Lite Vinyl Siding

1)    The colors are very rich. When you aim for a certain look for the exterior of your house, you always include the color in the planning stage, right? Worrying too much about the vibrancy of the shade fading out is a no-brainer for vinyl siding.

2)    If you compare it to sidings made of other materials, then you will see how easily prone they are to damage. Vinyl siding, however, is resistant to scratches, dent and stains making it easier to clean and maintain.

3)    Its ability to adapt to all kinds of weather is also commendable. Insulation is one of vinyl siding’s best asset to protect your home from rain and snow. In other words, vinyl protects allows you to save energy in times of extreme weather conditions.

4)    Because of the composite materials vinyl siding are made of, it does not likely blister, rot or peel. This makes its durability and longevity long-lasting.

5)    Lastly, it is worth the investment!


Things To Consider In Windows Replacement

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There will always come a time when you need to scrap the old ones and move on with the new. Change. That’s what it’s all about. Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory’s first blog entry mentioned about our advocacy for always changing for the better. Change is inevitable, and your house windows aren’t an exception. Have you thought about having your old windows replaced? As one of our valued homeowners, we say you need to entertain such ideas whenever necessary. If you start seeing cracks and leaks that may soon cause other parts of the house to suffer, take it as a go signal!

But before heading so smoothly, slow down and make a plan! Ask yourself: What do I need to do? What step should I take next? Here are some things you need to take into considerations.

What’s your budget?

Just because you need to take down all those old windows, doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. Windows replacement is achievable even with a cheap budget. You don’t even have to sacrifice quality. Before signing a deal with a windows replacement company, you first need to do some canvassing and find out which brand offers products that best suits your original budget. Take your budget plan seriously, and you’ll surely be glad at finding things that do not hurt your pocket that much. You can even seek for advice from friends or family members who recently had their windows replaced for the over-all budget needed for the whole project.

Choosing the best contractor

Once your budget is fixed and your eyes are already set to a vinyl windows replacement company, grab your phone right away and dial the digits. Projects like windows replacement should not be delayed. Set an appointment that matched with your schedule for you to be able to personally supervise. It’s always best to let the crew know what you wish to see.

Don’t just let them work. Talk to them and ask relevant questions like: What is the proper way of cleaning these windows? Is there an easy way to maintain the smoothness of the frames? What is the usual life span of the windows you offer? Ask anything, they’ll be glad to know you are truly interested.