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Summer Storm Preparation Checklist

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Heat is an issue the summer season cannot keep. The temperature, on the other hand, is something you cannot get hold of. This central manifestation of summer sometimes takes its toll on your activities. Yet, you can do nothing but make do with what you have and enjoy it as much as possible.

Other than the heat it brings, storms are also very common in summer. Have you been focusing too much on your vacation? Are you prepared for storms? Before they start raging into your region, might as well check what needs to repaired and what needs to be prepared.

Check for leaks
Whether those are leaks on the ceiling, windows or roofing, take action right away. You have got to schedule an appointment instantly with your repair man. Putting pails and basins all over your house during the peak of a thunderstorm is the last thing you’d want to happen.

Check for trees
Aside from checking up some parts of your house, also study the trees surrounding it. Especially if your yard caters to a number of trees, take time to cut out tree branches and limbs that may cause damage to your house caused by lightning or strong winds. But remember not to overdo it. You need to at least save some branches that will keep you in shade during the sunny days.

Check for emergency tools
Always expect the worst when it comes to natural disasters like storms. Through it, you’ll be able to prepare for the worst scenarios that could happen. For blackouts, you could have your emergency lamps charged or match and candles prepared. For floods, you could have your appliances placed in elevated areas. In the most unfavorable situations, you could have your food stock readied in the pantry.

At the end of the day, you are all geared up for whatever comes your way.

When Your Doors and Windows Start To Squeak

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Are you bothered by that squeaky sound your door or window produces everytime you open or close it? At first you were amused by the acoustic similarity it has with some of your favorite horror flicks, but time and again, the squeaking never ends. Rather than irritated, you are a little more freaked out and disturbed. Well, that happens. Because of the ever changing weather and the swift time, of course, door and window hinges tend to rust and accumulate dust, thus, the explanation of the squeaky sound.

Don’t fret just yet! Before you dial the digits of your repairman or before you head down to your DIY hardware store, check out the tips we have listed and solve that sneaky little squeaky problem with solutions that you can just find in the comfort of your own home.

You may want to check out your garage or stock room for an aerosol lubricating oil. By moving the hinges after liberally spraying, you’ll get your desired result almost instantly. The trick here is that you must make sure the oil penetrate to the insides of the hinges. That can be easily done if you use a container with a small nozzle. On the other hand, if aerosol lubricating oil isn’t available, motor oil and/or cooking oil can be used as alternatives. The effect, however, isn’t that long-lasting as the first suggestion. Whichever is available, remember not to overspray, or else you’ll get your doors and windows stained.

Another way you can stop the squeaking is by cleaning the hinges up. We often focus cleaning the shields and glasses. Dust slowly builds up in the little spaces that allow movement. Added with moist produced by the temperature, it gradually develops having rusts. If it is not that rusty yet, it’s better to take the hinge pin for a clean-up. Wire wool and sandpaper are good cleaning options. Also, some unwanted sounds may also be caused by deformed hinge pins. It is possible to straighten bent pins, but if it’s a hopeless case, then maybe it’s time to go to your hardware retailer. By the way, do not force a hinge pin out of the knuckles. You might not just ruin it, but the window or door as well.

Don’t wait for the worst scenario to happen. You must take into regular practice to wipe off oil drips, dust or grime of your house hinges. You may use old clothes, rags or paper towels. Whatever is available, or whichever you feel more comfortable. If you do it regularly, you keep yourself away from time-consuming and pocket-emptying repairs.

Health Hazards You Need To Avoid in Summer

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Let’s take a break! You’ve been counting the days in the calendar for summer and now that it’s here, you cannot waste any more minute. You have got to make the most of the season. Relax and have fun while you still can. Along with this, however, is a reminder from us that you should make your leisure time as safe as possible.

Take this list as a guide to make your vacation a memorable one.

1. Bring water or any drinkable fluid wherever you go. A lot of people get dehydrated in summer because of the many outdoor activities they’re involved in. Especially that the temperature is at its peak, there is a big probability you’ll stop sweating. Heat stroke is a manifestation of dehydration. So please, drink a lot of water.

2. Since you’d be going out all the time, let’s say to the beach, to the park or to the music festival, take care of your skin by applying sun screen that will protect you from UVB and UVA rays. Too much sun exposure will burn your skin, and will give you a risk of having melanoma. It will also be helpful if you wear wide-brimmed hats and shades to protect your face and eyes from the sun. Also, arm sleeves and leg protectors can be of help.

There’s nothing wrong getting a tan, but too much of it can be very dangerous.

3. If you are into picnics, then you must be very particular with your food choice. Because of the ever-increasing temperature, some foods easily develop bacteria that can cause poisoning a few hours after taken out from the fridge. Some of the foods you must be very careful with are dairy products, eggs, meat and others. Be extra careful. You don’t want to spend your summer helplessly lying in the hospital bed, do you?

4. Drink responsibly when going to a beach or a pool. This is pretty much the same why drunk driving is prohibited. A lot of nasty possibilities can happen once your head is afloat. You have to stay collected. If you really want to drink too much, avoid swimming, surfing and boating. Just concentrate emptying the bottle, okay?

Nobody wants to remember summer on a very negative note. You have to put some effort to make it worth reminiscing. Create good and lasting memories this season!

Starting A Family, Building A Home

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The church door opens for the June bride’s grand entrance. She walks down the aisle with her favorite Pachelbel Canon piano instrumental playing in the background. She glows in his stunning long white gown. She exudes a contagious kind of confidence and joy. She is overwhelmed looking at her groom eagerly waiting for her at the altar. Finally they are tying the knot.

June is a month-long celebration of weddings. It is in this time of the year where couples generally like to make their vows official. Newlyweds then start having their own families. We, in Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory, express our regards to all couples who are about to begin another chapter in their lives.

Getting married and starting a family is not the easiest arrangement one can encounter. But with proper planning about the steps to be taken ahead in the future, there wouldn’t be that much of a challenge you and your partner cannot surpass. The planning includes having your own house that would shelter you and your future kids, a house where you can create memories, a house you can call home.

If you are still in the process of building that home for your family, here are some of the things Vinyl-Lite can help you with.

•    Invest on getting quality roof that will withstand the sunny and the rainy season. It would also be nice to invest on soundproof roof for a more peaceful time especially during a stormy weather. In choosing such, you cannot compromise getting poor durability. Roof installation and replacement could cost a bit since it demands greater effort given its positioning. Nonetheless, Shingles is a good roofing investment.

•    Choose windows that are energy-efficient to help you lessen electricity expenditures. Vinyl Windows with Triple E Glazing system are good options for this category.

•    If you are also very particular on getting your homes personalized, opt for a window company that customizes windows that goes along with your vision in styling your home.

•    Pick door designs that have locking and safety features.

Start having good investments and make a chain of good ones in the near future. Start putting your family investments in Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory – where style, durability, affordability and family go hand in hand.

House Windows Security: Be Safe Than Sorry

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Families go on vacations during summer. While others prefer trips that would last for days, others simply pay visit to the nearby pool to cool down. Nevertheless, they still go out of their homes and leave houses unattended. While it is pretty normal going in and out of the house during regular workdays without the paranoia, it is different in the summer season. When you go to work, you get excited to go home to relax. When you go to a trip somewhere, you enjoy so much you resist to go home. See the difference?

Well, nothing’s really wrong with that since there are days in summer that are allotted for fun and leisure. But in order to achieve that, you have got to hold on to some sense of security that will give you that confidence to leave your home – safe and protected. Before closing the doors and windows and leaving that doorstep for your summer getaway, wipe away those wrinkles first. Windows invite light, but in some unfortunate times, they also invite burglars! Leave your worries and enjoy your trip through some of these tips:

Double-hung Window

There are many security options for double-hung windows. Double-hung, which is generally one of the most popular window designs, is perfectly suitable to a lot of lock designs. Installation of a locking-pin will do great as getting ventilation locks. You may also use a turn-buckle if you want to use keys, or a simpler one – a wedge lock.

Sliding Window

Another well-liked window design, because of its convenience, is the Sliding window. Fortunately, there are also a lot of locks to choose from for this particular window design. You may use a lever-like lock instead of thumbscrew. Another option is also a key track which you can place in almost any part of the window.


A door-bolt-like device would be perfect for a casement window. On the other hand, to avoid thieves from pulling a gliding window open, putting a screw horizontally on the sliding track will hinder it from opening.

There are many security options to choose from that does not sacrifice the quality and the design of your windows. What’s good is that, if you decide earlier about your lock options, you may have them installed immediately after your window company installs or replaces your house windows. Always be safe, but never compromise style and quality. You can never go wrong with the lock options presented above.

DIY: The Art of Making Greenhouses

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If you have finally decided on replacing your old inefficient windows with energy-saving vinyl windows, then you’ve made the right decision! Just in time for the summer season, you eliminate worries about the increasing value of your electricity bills and the inevitable high-rising temperature! Problems solved. Headache-causing household baggage need not put a lot of weight on your shoulders. You are ready for a vacation!

However, for those who haven’t made the move yet to replace old windows and doors, listen! Perhaps you are in terrible dilemma right now. You are perplexed on what you are going to do with your old doors and windows that will soon be uninstalled. Another problem solved!

Their fate is dependent on two places: in the garbage or in the backyard.


Unleash your creativity and resourcefulness for this very interesting DIY project. Throwing away old doors and windows, with only minimum scratches and damage, is such a waste. Think out-of-the-box and get started on building your own greenhouse.

1. Find the potential of your old windows and doors. From there, you can decide on which ones to use on which parts of your greenhouse – walls, roofs, etc. Particularly focus on their shapes. Put frames together that complement each other. It’s almost like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. A little bit challenging, but definitely fun to do!

2. If you are creative enough and you have resources to make customized designs for your greenhouse, do it! Requiring yourself to come up with intricate designs from your replaced windows and doors will not only occupy your free time, but it will also awaken the sleeping artist in you! You are free to play with the old windows as long as your imagination and execution allow it. The closer the greenhouse design is to your personality, the better.

3. Reusing glasses, frames and steel bars from your old windows and doors will save you material costs for building a greenhouse. Also, in the long run, you will reap something good out of it by getting flowers and crops all throughout the year.

Summer might be a little off when it comes to planting, because it is often associated with getting a tan and going to the beach, but you don’t do those things throughout the whole season, right? With regards to the temperature, there are plants suitable for the warmer season. August would be the perfect time to start doing your gardening projects. Whether you plan on planting tulips, roses, carrots or berries, the choice is yours! It’s your greenhouse, after all.

What To Do With Humid Basements

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Normally, for a typical American family, basements are used as stock rooms for piling up old stuff one cannot manage to let go – old toys, old furniture. The list goes on. In one part of a family’s humble abode is a dark and abandoned basement that is only reached by light when past sentiments are randomly awakened. Mostly forsaken during other seasons, it is in summer that you should pay close attention to your basement more than ever. If those things in your basement continue to be of value to you, listen.

Have you noticed how humid your basement could get during the summer season? This is caused by warm air that mostly produces water vapor. Even though your basement can be comparably cooler than the outdoor temperature, humidity begins when warm air creeps in – more known as condensation. Dampness could also come from water vapor that comes through the walls and floors caused by saturated soil. The humidity that this seasonal change ushers to some areas of your home does not only destroy your basement’s walls and ceilings, but it may also sabotage the things you have long kept and hidden, those things you consider having “sentimental value.”As a result, it can give the room a musty odor. The damage levels come in different degrees, but while nothing’s been ruined yet (fingers crossed), do something to prevent it.


When you think it’s hopeless, you’re wrong. Here are some DIY tips that you can do to keep your basement in perfect condition.

Keep windows closed

Thinking that keeping outdoor air inside your basement will contribute something good to the situation in your basement is a myth. It’s summer. Warm air from the outside combined with cool air from the inside results to condensation. The higher the contrast of temperatures, the damper it will be. Keep your basement windows closed at all times. You can also check out for some basement windows that are resistant to UV Light, Water, Frost and. Extreme Temperatures.

Check for water leaks

Before considering the use of humidifiers, which is really expensive, check your basement walls and ceilings first. If you find some, repairs and fixing would be great.


Consider this your last option. Although it’s one of the quickest ways to solve your basement dilemma, it cannot be denied that it is the most expensive. When all else fails, you can use a humidifier. It will keep the temperature condition of your basement the way you want it to be since you can easily adjust it. Especially for summer, it is advisable to keep the humidity level at 50%. But then again, if you are using air-conditioners, it will do the job and may take the place of a costly humidifier.

Good luck!

The Kids’ Tour

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Parents, brace yourselves! We have something that your kids will surely enjoy. Technically, we have already started it, and we are here to announce that we are planning to make it more often than what we have practiced in the past. So what is it that we’re talking about?

Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory offers factory tours for kids.  Through our partnership with elementary schools, religious groups and other local organizations, we gather kids to experience what it’s like to be inside the premises of a windows factory. By sporting our competent locally-made products to the young participants, we also instill to their minds how skillful the locals in Virginia are. It’s about local appreciation.

Furthermore, it is informative and educational. Kids get the chance to know and see for their eyes how vinyl windows are manufactured. It’s something fresh and technical for kids. This is part of our attempt to make kids see how chemistry, physics and engineering appear to be when applied in real life. It is another form of learning outside the four corners of the classroom.

We recently conducted a kids’ tour in our factory. Definitely, it wouldn’t be the last batch. Watch out for future announcements as we keep our bond intact with the young and the young at hearts!