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Vinyl-Lite Receives Citizenship Award

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Having faithfully lived by our mission and vision for more than 30 years and counting is an enjoyable journey for Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory.

To add up with our ever growing achievements in the field of business and community, we humbly accept the Citizenship Award given to us by the Chief of Fairfax County Police.

The trophy we received for this category shall serve as an inspiration for us to continue our never-ending efforts to carry on being the best in our field, to uphold the locality’s banner through our locally-made products, to honor family values and to embrace charity and change.

With that we are truly thankful!

Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory Supports The Youth

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“I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be”

Who doesn’t know this Whitney Houston classic? Perhaps everyone can sing along. Nobody has taken count how many times this song has been played over the radio, and the number of times it has been included in some movie soundtracks internationally. This song became a hit, and up to now it has remained relevant.

So what’s the point of this song’s inclusion in this blog entry? Well, simple. We support the youth, which is what the song is all about.

In association with the Chamber Golf Association, we give assistance to local high school students to get access to education and professional training for a career in business.

It has been Vinyl-Lite’s tradition to donate golf tees for its Annual Chamber Golf Classic. All proceeds will go straight to the Chamber Scholarship Fund for educational and training assistance of less fortunate kids.

Its 15th Annual Chamber Golf Classic was held last May 20, 2013. It was a very successful event. We could only wonder how many kids we can help shape their future with the total amount of money raised.

Vinyl-Lite’s Sense of Community

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Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory is known for its high-quality windows installation and replacement services in Virginia. For more than 30 years, it has gained the approval and recommendation of its satisfied customers. It has also been running as a family business for more than 75 years, and guess what? Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory has grown throughout the years, strengthening business and strengthening the Bouchery family ties. Well, that’s a given. Perhaps, everybody knows about that already. But what isn’t known to everyone is this.

Behind all the years of success of Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory, it has also committed itself to charity works. Yes, that’s right. This has been going on for years too – not because of obligation, but out of will. Nothing beats the joy of lifting other people’s burden, and making them smile. Some close comrades would say this is one of the reasons why it has remained on top – because it knows how to give back to the people. We wouldn’t call it giving back money, but giving back joy and appreciation especially to those who need it in the community.

Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory supports many local organizations with different causes. One of which is Michael & Son Helping Hand. Vinyl-Lite was able to donate materials for the Home Makeover of a family in Dumfries. It was a touching encounter as Mary Lloyd – the homeowner – told us about his son, Elias who has special needs, and what they had to suffer after an earthquake. Featured in this Michael & Son Helping Hand video is a life-changing experience the members of the community have made possible.

The sense of community. That’s what we, in Vinyl-Lite, consider one of the most valuable qualities for a business to be progressive – both in community service and professional service. That’s how it works. More to focusing on profit, we also focus on rendering quality service that keeps customers coming back. It’s about helping each and everyone’s personal endeavors. At the end of the day, it’s about sharing that much coveted success to everyone. And with that, we continue our advocacies wholeheartedly as a means of our never-ending gratitude.

Original Frank Lloyd Wright House!

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Vinyl-Lite had an exciting piece of history come into our factory today that we are really excited about!  Vinyl-Lite has been contracted to restore glass from the doors of an original FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT house!  The glass we are restoring belongs to a woman who was a student of Frank LLoyd Wright.  The original Frank LLoyd Wright house that the glass came from was demolished.  The glass that is not owned by this woman was donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts! We are beyond thrilled to have a part in this project.  It will be ongoing over the coming weeks and we will take plenty of pictures to keep you updated; we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  We are also in the process of identifying the name of the original house and will let you know as soon as we hear.

Before Pictures of the glass:

Frank LLoyd Wright Restored Glass

Who was Frank Lloyd Wright?  He was an “American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures and completed 532 works. Wright believed in designing structures which were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture. This philosophy was best exemplified by his design for Fallingwater (1935), which has been called “the best all-time work of American architecture”. His work includes original and innovative examples of many different building types, including offices, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, and museums. Wright also designed many of the interior elements of his buildings, such as the furniture and stained glass.” – Wikepedia

Fallingwater House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Fallingwater house by Frank Lloyd Wright (one of his most famous works).

Other Frank LLoyd Wright Houses:

Other Frank LLoyd Wright Houses


National Military Appreciation Month – 30% Sale

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To the men and women in uniform who fought for our countrymen’s freedom and to those who are continuing the fight to strengthen our country’s defense, we, in Vinyl-Lite Windows, express our heartfelt gratitude for your bravery!

In the spirit of patriotism, we earnestly honor your undying service and contribution to the United States of America. This is your month!

All US military personnel, both active and retired, can get a 30% discount on all window products from May 21 – May 31 only!

This is Vinyl-Lite’s way of saying thank you! We are truly proud of you.

Call us now at 703-550-7766!

Keeping the Energy Low for the Summer Season

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There’s no denying. The temperature is rising. Don’t get us wrong. We do not intend to make that rhyme! But reality is here. Summer is coming and there are things you need to do to keep your costs at home low so you can spend you’re extra cash for your most-awaited summer getaways! We’re sure a little reminder won’t hurt.

Make it a monthly habit to clean or replace your air conditioning filters. Doing so will allow cool air to circulate easily inside your home. Besides, ceiling or window fans are still recommendable alternatives for ACs. If we compare fans to ACs, fans use less electricity. Making use of a thermostat to pair with AC usage is also helpful. It conditions the temperature to your desired setpoint.

Drapes, curtains and blinds are there for a reason. To give you shade, that is. More to that they also help limit the temperature rising up while you’re away for a trip or away in the office. Keep them down during the day. Make sure you know which windows in your house are reached by the sun rays. Focus on those areas. Believe us. It will do your bills a favor!

As early as now, you can also start examining your old windows, whether they are still functioning effectively and efficiently based on your practical needs. Double check if the window seals are still tight as new, so cool air cannot break away. For temperature issues like this, vinyl windows are mostly recommended for window replacement. Aside from their remarkable longevity, they are easy to clean and maintain too. Plus, they also help save energy cost!

Start planting trees in your yard! Okay. We know it’s impossible to grow a tree in just a few weeks before summer begins, but in the long run, you can benefit from it. Environmentally speaking, you take side with Mother Nature and you get the shade you need in keeping your house cool in summertime. If you already have trees in your yard, do not make the mistake of cutting them because you think they’re blocking a good view. Trimming would be better.

So those are the little tips we thought would help you big in saving energy costs! Enjoy your summer. Start it right.

Why Choose Vinyl Windows

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A house without windows isn’t a home. It’s practically a box. Four walls, a ceiling and a floor – the combination is just suffocating. Without windows, you are trapped in darkness. You can’t find air as well. Thank God for windows! They bring in light to a simple box and magically make it home.

There are different types of windows you can choose from. There are stylish and modern designs of fiberglass, aluminum and wood windows available in the market. Many people patronize the above mentioned windows, but in the long run they would need services from window replacement companies. A little too often, those windows make our pockets suffer due to some unlikely circumstances.

But hey, lighten up! There is one alternative that doesn’t cost you much, and one that doesn’t sacrifice quality either. You heard it right! I’m talking about vinyl windows.

As many of us know, vinyl windows are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. It is a kind of plastic that can be recycled more than once. That means by choosing vinyl windows you can save yourself from feeling guilty over the worsening environmental conditions. In fact, it can gain you extra credit for contributing something good for Mother Earth. In your own little way, you were able to help.

There’s also a quality about vinyl windows that improve thermal performance in your home’s interior. Vinyl windows are very adaptable to seasonal and weather changes. Because of its excellent level insulation features your home can be kept warm in cold seasons, at the same time, cool in the warm seasons. Hence, they help you lower the bills regardless of the calendar schedule.

Lastly, vinyl windows are durable. Take it from first-hand experiences of people who have installed vinyl windows in their home. Aside from its easy maintenance attribute, there is actually low probability of replacement for such windows, including vinyl doors. It’s a once in a lifetime installment. You only pay once.

Your Own Home, Planning the Entire Thing

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Wanting to have a house takes a lot of planning. What first comes to mind to would be home-owners is the design they want their house to have. The architectural aspect matters because it serves as the skeleton of the whole structure.

Within the external structure is a more detailed interior that matters the most because it reflects the residents’ personality. What ambience do you want to achieve? Do you want to have throw pillows on the floor for that Asian feel? Do you want red velvet curtains for that aristocratic aura? The choice is all yours.

Whether you want a minimalist design or the opposite of such, the final decision comes from you. But we have a few tips to share to you. Let these nuggets of interior house tips be of help.

1. Practicality
You need to invest while you are still starting to execute your plans. Let’s admit it. Without the cash, nothing can really get started. So let’s say, the money is ready. The workers and installers are just waiting for your go signal.

Take a pause first, think. What happens after everything is built, after everything is installed?
Many people forget about the maintenance. They become overwhelmed with the outcome. So while you haven’t given them the go signal yet, think first whether you‘ll be paying twice or thrice the price of your first investment.

It’s always good to know that the products you choose to purchase for your home are easy to maintain and easy to clean. Also know the longevity of your products, so product replacements workers won’t be visiting your home year after year.

2. Color
The colors you choose can subconsciously affect your mood. Well, it actually varies for most people. So it’s really important to know what you want and have it reflected in your home. Custom colors are available for you. Windows, doors, curtains, sofa covers, etc. Make your home a haven for relaxation. Let the colors speak when all you need is privacy and silence.

3. Kids/Disabled
If you have kids or disabled members of the family in your home, complicated interior designs won’t be necessary. Kids play around, they might break some of your porcelain collection.

On the other hand, intricate interior designs would be risky to disabled members of the family. Just for the sake of uniqueness, we in Vinyl-Lite think that it’s not worth the risk. Keep the design simple and beautiful at the same time. Simplicity is beauty, they say. Live up to that!

4. Seasons
Lastly, take note of the seasons. Proper ventilation for your homes is as important as breathing. This part particularly tackles windows and doors. Make sure you purchase products that can withstand the 4 seasons in your place of residence. Products that have weatherabilty, that’s what you need.

Beauty and style cannot be compromised, but you can still have both in a very practical and efficient manner. Planning indeed needs elaboration of what you really want. Have a clear vision of the future. Combine your plan and vision, they go hand in hand.


Cheers To Beginnings

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Birth. It is the beginning of life. For mothers, it’s like holding their hearts out in the open. How fragile and delicate babies are. Their cries bring a pang of sadness and happiness to anyone who hears them. Their laughter is contagious. Their first walk and talk, everything is documented.

Commencement Ceremony. It is a rite of passage every student experiences after years of hardwork within the academe. For some, it is the end of suffering from doing all homework and laboratory experiments. For others, it is an escape away from terror professors and stereotyped bullies. But certainly, it is the beginning of freedom!

New Year. Every December 31st, people gather to party for the New Year countdown. It has been tradition to most people to welcome another year with a bang – amplified party music, unlimited shots of champagne, grand fireworks display, and of course, for couples, they seal it with a midnight kiss.

So what is it that really makes beginnings special?

Well, let’s just say beginnings are special because they only happen once. Once they do, there’s no way you can replay it. It could happen in another time, but in a different situation. Every beginning is a unique experience. That’s what makes it worth celebrating!

Today Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory reaches another milestone. Finally, we are starting our blog! It may have taken a little longer than expected, (because we have been in the industry for almost 30 years) but the long wait is over!

Whether in the services we offer, in the helpful tips that we impart, or in the highlights of our company, we want you to be the first one to know. There is a wide variety of topics that we can discuss in our blogs that would definitely interest you! What’s wonderful about this is that it is interactive! Your comments are always valuable to us. We consider our customers our priority. We listen because we care!

So let this be a celebration of beginnings. To Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory in its endeavor to make its online presence in the blogging scene, and to our valued customers’ continuing support and anticipation for this venture, let’s all together say: “Cheers!”